College News reviews: DJ Hero

"DJ Hero manages to capture everything that made Guitar Hero such a runaway success in 2005. It's incredibly addicting, innovative, fun to play and challenging, and it certainly doesn't hurt that it has one of the most varied and robust soundtracks ever to be featured in a video game. The multiplayer options are a little bit on the light side, but regardless, fully expect to invest countless hours with DJ Hero as you master songs, unlock new content and play with friends. "

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midi3647d ago

I want this so bad but here in the UK the absolute best price is £90 which shakes out at around $150. Just too much money right now :(

SlamVanderhuge3647d ago

If it wasn't so expensive, I might be interested. Just too damn much

gidzilla3647d ago

You could buy all the records on vinyl for that and become a real superstar. If you could be bothered.