Top 5 Zombie Games

GamerNode writes:
"So what makes a good, or the best, zombie game? What is it that gamers want to see in a, for example, ramshackle, deserted western town, or perhaps a ramshackle, deserted mini-mall? The key component, if it needs to even be said, is the zombies. They way they act, walk, run, attack, eat flesh, and especially die. Which brings up another key component: how does the player kill the zombies, assuming he/she doesn't either befriend them, learn to speak their language, or simply let themselves get infected in a moment of hopelessness? From chainsaws to frying pans to explosive cars to the actual controller itself, the method is just as important as the madness. But don't forget that the environment the zombies occupy (and ultimately cover with their limbs, torsos, and ears) creates the entire feel for the game, providing suspense with sharp corners and shadows, or intensity with narrow hallways and blood-streaked antique mirrors. These, along with all the other typically important elements of the gaming experience, are what every zombie game's brutal awesomeness hinges on, and are why these are our Top 5 Takedown for the best zombie-focused video games."

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