WoW Moviewatch: Critical Flaw Pilot

Warning: As is the nature of reviews, the following review has a few spoilers for the video.

The Critical Flaw Pilot by Ian Beckman is an experimental live action piece, centered around two roomies who are also gamers. You not only have your usual shenanigans in this kind of sitcom piece, but there's also a heavy dose of World of Warcraft humor thrown in.

While I'm not certain I'd ever be inclined to play World of Warcraft with my feet, I definitely have to respect the guy who does. That's a level of dedication and skill that you just don't see every day. It's definitely a few feet above your usual water level of player ability. (Do you see what I did there?)

The murloc joke is probably my favorite bit. Certainly, it could be argued that murlocs are the slippery banana peel of WoW comedy. If you throw in a random murloc gag, you're guaranteed to at least get an extra chuckle. This one especially appeals to me, though, and I'll probably be building my own murloc litter box in the near future.

At the end of the day, I hope Ian gets enough support for this series to keep going. I think it could really grow with another episode or two under it, and it's already showing signs of becoming a hit. Like I said, I definitely laughed.

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