Brink to have dedicated servers

VG247: Splash Damage boss Paul 'Locki' Wedgwood just confirmed in a Brink EG Expo session that the game will have dedicated servers for multiplay. He made a proper point of it, in fact.

He said the aim is to have free, dedicated servers for the title available on day one. As you'd hope.

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tdrules3644d ago

eee im off too see this talk at eurogamer expo tomorrow, shall interview this person, grill him per se

Christopher_Walken3644d ago

Everybody is taking shots now. IW may want to change their mind.

El_Colombiano3644d ago

This is exactly what we need. Other developers to support us

SH3MRON3644d ago

Its true go to their forums and you will see some noobs saying dedicated servers are worse because people will use mods, or because they wont have matchmaking or that matchmaking will be slower and other stupid stuff like that.

But heck noobs will be noobs lol....

Ps_alm3k3643d ago

They are making I W feeling a little cheap now hahahah