Stephen Fry To Voice Another Game

After his work on LittleBigPlanet, Steven Fry has announced via his Twitter page that he is voicing yet another game.

"Voiced a game character today. Can't say any more, I'm afraid. NDA and all that. I say, though – isn't it dark? I mean golly, eh? Sheesh."

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kharma453303d ago

Too soon surely? Plus the PSP one is still to launch.

The 'dark' comment makes me think could it be a horror? I can't really see Fry voicing one though.

mastiffchild3303d ago (Edited 3303d ago )

He says he voiced a character so, no not LBP2. He could mean the game's dark or the character's dark-and is the "sheesh" and "golly" relevant? Knowing Fry's love of words and the cryptic I'd guess at both!

What kind of character would say "sheesh" or "golly"? And in a dark setting? Has he been doing work on Pefect Dark for the XBLA perhaps or a character in Darksiders?

You'd imagine it would have to be a UK developer, mind, with his talents being SO English.

I tell you this:I reckon it's most likely to be LA Noire. "sheesh" and "golly" seem more likely words for a game set in that time period and the "dark" could be the Noire of the title and film noir inspired game, no? Plus, there's ALWAYS a serious English posho in those old noir films, isn't there? I can easily see him playing, say, a Hollywood type-a producer/director/actor perhaps? And the Aussies(TB) get ALL the BBC stuff so would know Fry as well as a UK dev I think with R* also having a heavy UK heritage with GTA being a Scottish invention and studios at Leeds, Edinburgh and elsewhere in Britain.

Anyway, that's the best-if slightly hopeful-thing I can imagine at present. Any better guesses? Woldn't be hard as I was reaching!

coolfool3303d ago

Just a thought but isn't it meant to have a slight darker feel and doesn't Goofy say Golly?

Just a musing......

leeger3303d ago

it's Perfect DARK Zero 2!

TenSteps3303d ago

I so want him to return as Reaver.

Reaver is that a**hole you just seem to like

DevilsJoker3303d ago

That its just... you know, dark rubbish weather when he said that. Fry is sure to be cryptic, he loves that stuff, but still... theres just as good of a chance that its just dark outside, this is twitter we are talking about not a press release.

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edhe3303d ago

He could be back in fable3, since his character only left the country.

UnSelf3303d ago

Its funny, he's the voice i hear when i think.

Weird huh? that my thoughts are in his voice and not my own

PoisonedTea3303d ago

When I think, my thoughts are in the voice of Patrick Bateman (Christian Bale) from American Psycho. I'm also partial to a bit of Huey Lewis...

UnSelf3303d ago

not sure who Huey Lewis is. But i love Christian in Psycho.

i wish my thought voice was Jack Bauer in Phone Booth (forgot his real name)

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