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Leord3330d ago

Love DLCs. Just somethign about them that reminds me of old school games like SC1 :)

Carlton Banks3330d ago

Free for PS3. 400 points on LIVE.

N4G king3330d ago

free on PSN
400 points on XBL

and MS once again sucking the blood of those whom blinded with the three red lights of doom


kalebgray923330d ago

now every game has dlc.... for most you have to pay..... i wish they would die off... games just aren't fully utilized cuz they want money nowdays


@ kalebgray92

it won't die off because we ( gamers ) are the ones feeding this new trend.

I don't like it either, so I just not to show any support by not buying any download content. The only thing I have really bought download was GTAL&D. I think that's the only thing really worth it.

Ya, I miss the days when everything was unlockable and devs rewarded you for finishing a game with a reason to go and play it again.

gamesR4fun3330d ago

on 5 November, Tears of the Hextadon is going to be completely free on the PlayStation Network until 19 November, at which point it will become £3.99 GBP.

this games epic if you dont have it get it

kalebgray923329d ago

looks crazy.... and halo dlc's in the beginning were worth it but to me it has to be a pretty significant dlc to catch my attention ... not 3 maps.... i need a whole new adventure

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Sangria3330d ago

And of course, it costs 400 MS on Xbox 360. Damned, i regret not having picked the PS3 version.


It will be free from 5th Nov - 19th Nov, afterwards they will charge so just don't forget.

Muthafodder3330d ago

How are these xbot asshats gonna spin this one....

"It's only $5...over the course of 12 months that's only $0.41"...dumbasses...when will they stop blindlessly walking off the cliff.

WenisWagon3330d ago

Of course its free on PSN, PS3tards are still broke after having spent 599 US dollars on their game system. Xbox 360 owners still have a lot of money to spend.

cr33ping_death3329d ago

hhmmm thats odd Wenis..... i bought my PS3 day one and i still had money to buy a 360 pay for Live and all the games i currently own and will continue to own. or is it that the parents of 360 only kids buy the console and you children that buy the DLC? you my friend are sadly delusional trying to spin this every which way you can. im glad i got Brutal Legend on the PS3 :)hell most multiplats i get on the PS3 because of my having to send my 360 in for 2 repairs...... why wait and risk for something else to enjoy my games when i have my PS3 at the ready? oh wait but according to you im broke, however will i pay for my next 360 repair?

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The story is too old to be commented.