The Escapist Review: Torchlight

The game does have a story, but it's secondary to everything else: In the small mining town of Torchlight, there has been a recent surge in monster activity inside the town's mine, where workers uncover the magical substance called Ember. Go into the mines, kill the monsters, venture ever lower into the tunnels beneath the mountain and uncover strangely varied scenery the deeper you descend and it's mainly just a pretext for what Torchlight does very, very well: The acquisition of phat lewts.

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JsonHenry3276d ago

I will say it again. This should have been at least 1 player co-op. Looks like a decent game (only $20!!) but they really dropped the ball without having co-op. (IMO)

Perjoss3276d ago

did you mean 2 player co-op? since 1 player co-op means that you're playing with yourself.

Kugar773276d ago

diablo was fun because it had awesome gameplay but also because it was awesome playing it cooperatively...they really should have released the mmo version first, by the time it comes out, diablo 3 will be out and sadly torchlight will probably be an afterthought

Christopher3276d ago

I'm not into playing with others, so this is great for me. I'm thinking any form of co-op would have greatly increased the development time and thereby the cost of the game and likely taken them beyond the level of investment they had in the game to begin with.

Things aren't as simple as 'it would have been better, so it should have had it' in the business world.

Anyway, just picked it up off of steam for $18. Will play this after Borderlands.

chak_3276d ago

Buying this evening, can't wait to get home :)

Thanks runic (and good luck ^^)

hitthegspot3276d ago

This looks good, while I wait for Diablo...

S4NDM4N3276d ago

Should I get this first? Or Titan Quest Gold first?

Relientk773276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )

my 2 fav pc games of all time are Diablo 2 and Nox.. honestly if I had to recommend a diablo-ish action rpg hack-slash clone to u, I would say to u get Nox, it in my eyes is the most underrated pc game probably ever, because I like Diablo.

Its made by Westwood Studios and is probably hard to find (ebay or amazon?), also u probably never even heard of it lol, but u should try looking some gameplay up and stuff maybe u'll like it,

u can chose from 3 different characters and all 3 have different story lines but take place in the same 'country' if thats wat its called, and the places of interest, where u start, the quests, and stuff intersect

like if u start as a wizard (conjurer and warrior r the other 2 classes) u are a wizards apprentice and start in the wizard tower, and if u play as the warrior one of the quests probably 10 hoursish into the game u have a quest in that tower so u go through at the same places just at different times, and for different reasons etc

hope that helps


Relientk773276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )

Im debating on getting this, Diablo 1 and 2 were just completely amazing.. Nox also amazing.. Titans Quest was also good ...Hellgate:London was good but idk it had flaws

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