How Microsoft Got Avatars "Right"

Back when the 'New Xbox Experience' (NXE) was revealed one of the sticking points with so-called 'hardcore' gamers was the Avatar system. Previously on the Xbox 360 you were identified visually by your Gamertag (your ID, or handle) and your Gamerpic, a small bitmap much like those on Twitter or most other social networks. Gamerpics could be purchased from the Xbox Live Marketplace but essentially there was only a finite number of different images.

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Shadow Flare3375d ago

Do these avatars do anything? Apart from standing there like a lemon? I like how the article takes a sly knock at ps3's home avatars for having to walk to a shopping mall to get clothes. The difference between the 2 avatars are that the ps3's are actually used very well, in a whole virtual world. They don't just stand there. And stand some more. And then just stand a little more

GWAVE3375d ago

Avatars are pointless to the hardcore gamer. That's a fact, and anyone who denies it is just worshipping Microsoft for no good reason, because the hardcore community denounced Miis and HOME characters before Avatars even came out.

Hardcore gamers should cringe that Avatars exist, because it shows that Microsoft is moving quite swiftly in the wrong (read: casual) direction.

Godmars2903375d ago

But you have to admit, Home avatars are equally worthless to hardcore gamers, but it looks like to use a hardcore gaming feature like cross-game chat and friend game launching, they have to use it.

StanLee3375d ago (Edited 3375d ago )

That's where you're wrong. Avatars are less about gaming, and more about expressing your individuality and personality. My friends and I have spent hours changing and experimenting with the look of our avatars and ripping on each other's avatars. A friend I had never met visited me in New York from Florida and it was so hilarious because I literally looked and dressed like my avatar and he like his. For anyone, a hardcore gamer or a casual gamer, avatars mean the same thing; a way for you to express your individuality and a bit of your personality and style to a community of persons where the vast majority don't know you personally. I know I have a friends lists of 60 plus people but only a handful I have ever actually met or we are friends in real life. Avatars give me an insight into just a little something about them and they about me.

TotalPS3Fanboy3375d ago (Edited 3375d ago )


*Insert pix of Lex Luther from Superman Returns.

TotalPS3Fanboy3375d ago

"My friends and I have spent hours changing and experimenting with the look of our avatars and ripping on each other's avatars."

It's understandable that you and your friend would spent hours messing with your avatars. With no great games to play, what else is there to do on the 360? After all, 360 has a very weak 2000 line up.

poopface13375d ago

Ive never used home and I probably wont. Avatars are ok because most my friends on live are my real friends and most their avatars look like them.

Other than that I dont really care. Its no worse than a gamerpic. You can make it look like you or not.

3375d ago
TotalPS3Fanboy3375d ago

N4G don't fail. It's fanboys that do.

Nicaragua3375d ago

"Avatars are less about gaming, and more about expressing your individuality and personality. My friends and I have spent hours changing and experimenting with the look of our avatars and ripping on each other's avatars..."

Wow, next time you do this you have simply got to invite me too ! I totally love expressing my individuality and personality through a badly designed virtual bobblehead - FABULOUS !!!

Im glad ive finally found someone to share the hilarity of swapping their little clothes with - good times indeed !!!

BadboyCivic3603375d ago


you sound really juvenile and immature Stanlee said, avatars are visual expressions of who you are...nothing more, nothing less...I bought my PS3 to play uncharted 2 and i never hate on someone else console just for the sake of hating...N4G fails because of you...i hope you are not really that dumb in real life because you fail in life also...

TotalPS3Fanboy3375d ago (Edited 3375d ago )

You have inspired me.

Now, go forth and convert everyone else on N4G.

XxZxX3375d ago (Edited 3375d ago )

LOL at TotalPS3Fanboy's comeback. NICE one

nobody got avatar right. i prefer custom profile pic which is more than enough

Arnon3375d ago (Edited 3375d ago )

"Do these avatars do anything? Apart from standing there like a lemon?"

You incorporate them within XBLA games, which is the reason why the avatar store exists. They're also used for different applications on Xbox LIVE and honestly, that's more than what Home avatars or Mii's do already. Mii's are like... a lesser version of what these do, and Home avatars aren't even able to be used outside of Home... so they're almost irrelevant unless Home is an application you use every single day.

It really is amazing. In the past 2 days, you silly people have shown that you do absolutely no research to back up any of your statements or arguments, UNLESS someone calls you out on it.

Eddie201013375d ago

Tittle should be how Nintendo may have gotten it wright and How Microsoft copied them.

Personally Microsoft's avatars are not that exciting and aren't anything to sing about. I don't want to use an ugly avatar in my Guitar Hero games, kinda pointless.

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ubiquitious3375d ago

The difference is you play games with 360 avatars. You shop to a very limited selection with PS3 avatars. Lol considering no one I know actually uses HOME Sony should probably just hit the restart button on their avatars.

But then again, HOME is still in the beta stage. And the 360 is holding back the PS3. And the moon landing was staged.

(super eye roll)

Shadow Flare3375d ago

Honest question (because I don't know), what games use the avatar and do any of them require activity like wii sports or are they just standing still in the game? Also, you may not like home, but thats because its not targeted at someone like yourself. I don't use home a whole lot, but everytime I go into it, its always full. Everytime and in every room. So some people must be liking it. Those people who want to socialise with their friends within it I assume

kapedkrusader3375d ago

...that argument might have flown when Home came out, but not any more. Avatars in Home can play a variety of games like bowling, chess, pool, arcade games, fly planes, poker and that's not counting all the additional games that developer spaces have, which are very deep like the Uncharted 2 and Rachet and Clank spaces. You can even film you're own machima movies with the stage set, which even has a working green screen. In regards to "shopping to a limited selection" as you put it. You must be insane, there are almost 1000 articles of clothing to choose from not counting costumes and jewelry, hats, furniture etc. You'd go broke if you thought you could buy every article for your avatar. To finalize, being that you have no idea what you are talking about and are wrong about pretty much everything...YES!!!...the 360 is holding back the PS3. You only need to compare multi-plat games to first party to see that. Get out of 2006 and join us in 2009 when the PS3 does everything.


Most common games you see people use their avatar's for are games like bomberman live, UNO and 1 vs 100. The majority use the avatar system for a good gamer pic pretty pointless to be honest, why people buy a 400 MS lightsabre is stupid when they can get Wolfenstein 3D for 400 MS.

Shadow Flare3375d ago

Yeah, so 360 avatars are used in games exactly how I thought they'd be used. Just as a picture of them standing there. Rubbish. Home has gotten really good lately. I really like the Buzz! space

toaster3375d ago

I have only bought ONE thing from the avatar marketplace and that was from leftover points. I don't think I'll ever be stupid enough to spend REAL money on FAKE merchandise. My gamer picture isnt even an avatar.. its an icon i got FREE with a game. i think the avatars are pretty pointless but I don't look down on people who use them.

bigrudowsky3375d ago

nah the third party developers are holding back ps3 if you look at rage,brink,fallout,bioshock,ff 13,the new castlevania you can see there are a few developers that are investing quite a bit of resources into their games.

BadboyCivic3603375d ago

i just said earlier not to hate for the sake of hating...i know some people that love HOME and i know some people that love avatars...its a personal preference

Eddie201013375d ago

You are miss informed, there is much more virtual items in Home than there are for Xbox live avatars. Lots of clothes and costumes(much more varied), lots of furniture, lots of personal spaces, lots of games, lots of video content in the Home theater, and there is always lots of people taking advantage of it all, especially in the US. There is also a lot of free virtual content and you can win a lot of it by playing the more than thirty games that are in the Home spaces. Some of the games in Home could easily be sold as PSN games but they are free in home.

Also they are selling shiitloads of content in home and probably making boat loads of money from those sales.

Home is a very popular service just go on at any time and you will see.

How would anyone know how much people take advantage of Xbox live avatars, you can only see how ever many you invite to your space.

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rawd3375d ago

Ok, now I'm starting to feel bad for you bots. Avatar articles and arguing about Netflix disc changing, which you guys are experts at anyways


bruddahmanmatt3375d ago

Microsoft got Avatars right by modeling the bottoms of their shoes.

gdguide3375d ago

Style wise, I hate them. Where they placed them though and how they are used? Very good. I wish Sony would at least allow Home Avatars to show up on the XMB. Just the head or something in the top corner. Click on the avatar head, and launch straight into Home.

BadboyCivic3603375d ago

i was thinking the same thing...a simple update could get that done...

NotSoSilentBob3375d ago

I disagree that a "simple" update would intertwine them. Don't forget that Home is a online feature. Not something that is required to use. TO make it part of the XMB they would open a door to programmers nightmare. Every time you start the ps3 up to the XMB you would have to connect online and that is additional loading that shouldn't be required.

MAGNUM-RAM3375d ago

What's to talk about?
The best avatar representation is home.
Thanks to universal game launching I'm rarely disconnected from home.
It's the definition of expanding your games & I love it.

Alot of you guys have no personality. That's your fault not Home.

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