Gaming Nexus: NBA 2K10 Review

The tag line for NBA 2K10 is: "This season you won't just play the NBA, you'll take over." The front of the package states that it's the number one rated and number one selling NBA video game. This year's entry marks the tenth anniversary of the franchise. 2K Sports has put a lot into this disk but is it fun?

At first start up, 2K10 automatically loads into a quick game setup. However, it is not a good idea to jump in and learn as you go. There are too many nuances to the default control scheme that make it difficult to pick up and play. Do yourself a favor and read through the practice. Wait, what? 2K10 decides to tell you, via on-screen text, instead of show you how the controls work. They could have just printed that in the manual. While hard to pick up and play, it does adds depth to the game. Every move that a pro would make on the court can be done in game.

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