Battle Of The PS3 Legends: Snake vs Drake writes:

The Legendary Hero, Solid/Old Snake, makes a special return to test out the new blood in town; Nathan Drake. While Solid Snake has 3 ( PlayStation ) generations of experience behind him, Nathan Drake has youth ( and the ability to survive a train wreck! ) on his side. Which one of these heroes can come out on top?

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54percent3330d ago

kinda but is a head to head big boys action, no place for whiners like Sammy fisher price.

Nitrowolf23330d ago

i love them both, snake is a badass and drake is funny

nix3330d ago

both of them are legends in their own world. and the result can be quite subjective. no point debating.

i love them both. q:

ifhd3330d ago

the big boss will beat them both.

Raf1k13330d ago

Long time MGS fans will prefer Snake while those who haven't played or aren't keen on MGS are more likely to prefer Drake. That's what I think anyway. I'm more of a Drake fan myself.

StanLee3330d ago

Snake is a legend. Drake will get there someday. Case closed.

raztad3330d ago

Since when Drake is a legend? Solid Snake is a legend, a copy of the even more legendary Big Boss. Drake is a newcomer and he doesnt pretend to save the world as Solid Snake did.

himdeel3330d ago (Edited 3330d ago )

...would CQC Drake's ass to death. Nate's cool and all, he's a very likable guy but one choke holds and his ass is helpless LOL.

twoface3330d ago

I think Kratos will tear them both apart, but that's just me

sikbeta3330d ago

Both are Unique, Nate is Awesome and will follow the same steps in order to become a legend like Solid did before

Darkstorn3330d ago

I think the real debate is...which has the better game. MGS4 or Uncharted 2?

dawgsfan1173330d ago

The winner is Victor "God Damn" Sullivan. Have you seen that hand canon he carries around.

bnaked3330d ago

Well, in my opinion, Snake and Drake are the best characters this generation and the games are my favourites of all time.

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theEnemy3330d ago


Old Snake will win this no problem.

He will CQC the sh1t out of Drake. And if he ever tries to fight Snake with guns, Snake carries tons of weapons compared to Drake's 3. :D

hay3330d ago

Err, while Nate is cool character, Snake is far superior. He can stealth the sh*t out of everybody and beat the crap of pretty much anyone, looking at the history and events he survived, Drake is still newbie on the field.
But since they belong to the same playground I bet they go on a smoke or drink together in free time between the load times, cutscenes and gameplay scenes.

This comment is as much ridiculous as the article but at least the former contains some logical explanation.

GrandTheftZamboni3330d ago

I think Ratchet would kick their butt.

sunil3330d ago

Kratos can easily beat (all variations of) Snake and Drake and Sully and Elena and Chole put to gether

StanLee3330d ago

What about Cole? Cole kicks ass. And Nathan Hale could take on all comers.

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zootang3330d ago

Though i love Drake i have to give it to Snake.

George Sears3330d ago

Neither young or Old Drake wouldn't stand a chance against Snake.

Although Solidus would beat them both to a pulp. =P

mistajeff3330d ago (Edited 3330d ago )

Dude, Solidus was beaten by RAIDEN, the series b!tch (as cool as he was in 4.. he was still a b!tch).

Though I see where you're coming from, since Solidus is the exact copy of Big Boss. I admire it though.. stand up for your avatar!

Edit: Okay, I correct myself. Otacon is the series b!tch. At least Raiden doesn't cry in every game.

George Sears3330d ago

But don't you get it, that was the whole point. Solidus wanted to be remembered, he wanted to transpire into the ages so that he would never be forgotten. So that's why Kojima made him and finished him off with Raiden. A kid that nobody gave a sh!t about. Kojima also didn't really portray the story of the antagonist as good as MGS3 or 4 for instance. It didn't have that "I feel bad effect" like the two new iterations of the franchise. Hell, he even did better with Portable Ops with Gene.

Solidus deserved better, even in MGS4. Even the unlockable mask is called Big Boss even though its Solidus. He did show some of his badassness in MGS2 so I give Kojima some credit for portraying it.

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