Sky Player Xbox 360 Problems

TalkXbox reports: "Well, this is certainly not what Microsoft and Sky hoped for on their Sky Player debut for the Xbox 360. We have received numerous reports from our readers that they are not able to access the service after downloading the Sky Player. We tried it ourselves and received the following error: "Can't connect to the SKY Player Service. Error codes: 0C01/8009/0304"....

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chrisulloa3280d ago

Lol, at least they don't suck at console launches.

N4G king3280d ago (Edited 3280d ago )

actually they do

99.99% of those that got a 360 on launch day went back home
started that thing
3 red lights blinking
and they all were like "is that okay ??"

and the first xbox got no one in that day
so yah

xTruthx3280d ago


You do know the PS3 is third fastest console sold of all time right ? So it sold more than the 360 in its launch, though you should know that.

chrisulloa3279d ago

Um 360 sold 6 million on their 2006 launch, Sony only sold like 100k on their launch with only 8 games available.

xTruthx3279d ago


You really need to do some research, and pleas name me all the games 360 launch with. I wanna see how well inform you are

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n9com3280d ago

The TalkXbox news post has been updated. A MS rep has confirmed that Sky are aware of the technical issues and are working on resolving them.

3280d ago
Foliage3280d ago

In other words, the PS3 beta is seeing problems on the 360. Nothing new here.

N4G king3280d ago

yah im sure they'll fix it before it comes to the PS3
because you know all beta versions got problems

TotalPS3Fanboy3280d ago

Don't tell me 360 gamers are beta-testing Sky Player for the PS3 again...

cRaZyLeGs 933280d ago

I watched sky news this morning, pretty good. Went to set up an account and BAM! the sky player website was down. :(

XBLGT B1GMACNFR1ES3279d ago (Edited 3279d ago )

mines has been working fine from tuesday. i did get the error but came back later and its fine. they have took it off the dash atm. but if you dloaded before they took it off then you can use it now. press the guide btton. instant play. flick it left one do your on dloads the simply press A on the sky tab. it will load up no problems.

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n9com3280d ago

Actually, it is a problem with Sky's servers, nothing to do with Xbox 360.

dkblackhawk3280d ago

But the problem COULD be on the Xbox 360 side to, you just don't know it yet.

Bereaver3280d ago

I would completely agree if you were getting Sky on the computer, but it's ON the 360, so I think it is in fact, relating to the 360. Regardless if this is an MS issue or not, it still effects and hampers the 360's ability. *cough* moron *cough*

Cueil3280d ago

Don't be an jerk... it's obviously a server side issue since you have to connect to Xbox Live to get to the SKY service

Bereaver3280d ago

Don't be a Jerk, it's not like all of Microsoft's systems runs on a single server.

But yeah, it's not a 360 "hardware" issue, if that's what you mean.

You might want to rephrase your comment.

PlayStation X3280d ago

look at all of you trying to not blame it on 360 lol

its microsofts sh1tty coding, nothing to do with the servers.

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artgamer3280d ago

Problems ? regarding a Microsoft product ? No way...

Hutch23553280d ago

No. Really? Not on N4G. I can't believe it.

Shang-Long3280d ago

he may be a fan boy...but u know hes right..

1233603280d ago

sky servers are the biggest laugh out there,i use virgin hd which gives you all the channels of sky which you can record, rewind.even shows you missed hours or days ago you can watch them with the catch up feature in an instant.streaming shows from the internet is old tech couple that with sky,s use less servers and youv,e got player is so slow its laughable.

PlayStation X3280d ago

you dont know what your talking about so just shut up.

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