XboxGameZone Review: Halo 3: ODST

XboxGameZone says: Whenever we've put a Halo disc in our Xbox there are a few things that we've come to expect. Actually, thinking about it, it's not a case of expecting, just a case of it has to be there because it's Halo. If someone said to you "Think of Halo and then think of a colour." we bet that most of you who've played any of the games would say "Blue." And of course you'd be saying blue because of the ethereal Halo trilogy title screens, each suitably complemented by a classic Marty O'Donnell score. So, you can imagine what a shock we had when we fired up Halo 3: ODST only to be greeted with a hue of grey and green. Sure, the infamous Bungie composer has once again lent his musical mastery to the series, but with a different ambience. It's like firing up a Halo game in an alternate dimension; it looks a bit like Halo, it sounds a bit like Halo – don't worry, it definitely is Halo… just a bit different…

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