Eurogamer: God of War III Hands On


Whether the God of War studio matches the efforts of its illustrious counterparts in the technical department, meanwhile, is probably best left to our own illustrious counterparts at Digital Foundry to assess, but there's no question that the gameworld is slick, the frame-rate consistent and the sense of scale occasionally outstanding. The final ascent through an Icarus vent, climaxing in a mouth-watering head-to-head with the lava Titan that remains unsettled as the demo ends, hints at what Sony has in store, and like Uncharted 2 there's a self-conscious attention to detail, keeping the visual surprises in direct line with the gameplay to stress the absence of recorded cut sequences, that momentarily paralyses your critical faculties.

It's a heck of a marker, in fact, reminiscent of the colossus demo that preceded the generation-topping God of War II for the last PlayStation console. It's a bit early in PS3's projected 10-year lifecycle to be talking about topping anything, of course (Helios excepted), but in the increasingly fierce battle for multi-platform dollars, we'd be excited if we had Kratos in our corner - and if this demo, which has been showcased to the press since as early as April in a less polished format, is what Sony Santa Monica is happy to wear on its sleeve, it certainly bodes well for what it still has left up it. Expect it to turn heads at the Expo this week, whenever it's not tearing them off.

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mastiffchild3304d ago

Yeah, after them tearing Ratchet a new one for not changing the formula enough(even though aCiT seems the most diverse R&C ever!) I can just imagine the flak for not changing enough of the gameplay AND not having online that GOW3 will attract in certain areas!

Noone hamers Gears for not moving on, Halo for not moving on or Mario(even when it lifts ideas from Ratchet!)for not innovating enough-but MGS4, Ratchet and Co have suffered it plenty of late-even ND got a little of it for just making a bear perfect adventure romp and not reinventing the wheel and curing AIDS with U2!

Being realistic, for a second, though EG sound well impressed with what they've had their mitts on hjere and as we UK gamers don't look like getting to warm up with HD GOWcollections any time before the GOW3 release I'm getting itchy for some Kratos action myself!

With GOW beig one of the tiny number of games in the world that I'm, not embarrassingly bad st(and I despise when people say it's a button masher as a result-when someone with half a clue plays a GOW game it's a precise gameplay experience raining down aesthetically pleasing and elegant stabby death down on all comers from all directions and using very precise combos if you want to do it well and die less often on Godlike settings)I was looking forward to re-honing my skils while amassing some easy trophies for a change! I wasn't ever bothere about gamerscores, achevements or trophy hunting before but now I've been turned into a whore after being deprived the only chance ever at me getting a platinum through skill and not trial and error and a million saves and continues!

Oh well-roll on the Ides of March! Oh sh1t! That's Caesar in Shakespeare innit? Nothing to do with ancient Greece! D'oh! And why do I assume it'll release on March 15th anyway? Just give me the bloody demo already!

Sevir043304d ago

and they said the attention to detail is on the level of Uncharted 2. looks like i'm about to jiz my pants all over again playing GOW3 like i did every epic moment of Uncharted 2. bring on March. I cant wait to own this game.