Prey is Now Available

2K, a publishing label of Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc., and 3D Realms today announced that the first-person shooter Prey is now available in stores across North America and will be available at stores in Europe on July 14.

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zypher6547d ago gave it a 9.0. gave it a 7.5. played the demo for myself a week ago, and i'm leaning more towards's review. maybe not a as low as 7.5, but DEFINATELY not a 9.0. the demo had some cool effects, like the ability to walk on walls through what i'm assuming is some sort of gravitational shifting technology, and the ability to jump to completely different sections of the map through portals. the gameplay however was bland and lackluster. definately not one of the better shooters available. guess i'm gonna have to wait for GOW for my next fill of trigger greatness.

Mikey_Gee6547d ago

I played the demo a few times now ... don't get me wrong, but it is kind of quake4 meets Doom3. Other than the gravity stuff, I am really not super drawn to this game.

As I said ..... it is an alright game .... but maybe after playing so many games like this ... I am getting a bit boarded of it.

I lean more toward the "REAL WEAPON" ... "REAL WORLD" type of FPS games. Never been much for aliens and lazers and stuff.

silent ninja6547d ago

from the start i never liked this game simply b/c of its appearance you can see doom 3 everywhere in it.
besides there way too manty fps on the 360

PS360PCROCKS6547d ago

I think this game is cool but I played the demo once and not again

ghostface6547d ago

I also played the demo a few times, but wasn't really feeling this game. maybe i need to get the 360 version. Im not really into playing PC games anyway. So do anyone feel the console version is better then the PC version.

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All Hopes I Had For A Prey Sequel Have Been Crushed — Well Done, Microsoft

The magnificent Prey was once again abandoned as Microsoft disregarded Arkane Austin's achievements and crucified it just for Redfall.

RaidenBlack32d ago

well, not entirely ... the main Arkane studio i.e Arkane Lyon's still there ...
Its only that, the sequel will take more time now ... after Blade & Dishonored 3

MrBaskerville31d ago

But who knows, Dishonored 3 could have been Austins next project, so might be cancelled.

RaidenBlack30d ago

Dishonored is Lyon's flagship IP ... Austin only assisted in the first one, the sequel was wholly developed at Lyon whilst Austin developed Prey.
If Dishonored 3 was indeed greenlit ... rest assured, it would've been helmed primarily by the Lyon studio.

-Foxtrot32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

Not even this Prey

Still longing for a sequel to the original Prey with Tommy

The studio didn't even want to call this Prey, it was just Bethesda being dicks to them for some reason.

RaidenBlack32d ago

MS closed Roundhouse Studios (ex-Human Head Studios) as well

Yui_Suzumiya31d ago

Yeah, that's who was going to do the original sequel.

bunt-custardly31d ago

Don't worry there are some other games in development that might fill that void. Look up Vigilancer.

isarai32d ago

Came here to say this, my hooes for a Prey sequel died when this "Prey" came out

Profchaos31d ago

Prey 2017 still hurts to play because what could have been looked so incredible

Profchaos31d ago

Same Bethesda basically screwed over the original developer team human head back around 2011 so it was really never going to come despite a honestly amazing trailer. I liked prey 2017 but it always held a stink of disappointment due to what we never got

FinalFantasyFanatic31d ago

I really didn't like this game, tried it because of how loved the original Prey was, played the demo of this one and thought it was garbage, it didn't feel nice/fun to play.

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LostPotato32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

Keep dreaming then as Prey and Dishonored 2 did not sell well enough to get sequels.

Hence we got Deathloop and Redfall instead.

RaidenBlack32d ago

lol, Deathloop came from Prey: Mooncrash idea

Unknown_Gamer579431d ago

To everyone who cheered MS’s acquisitions, we told you so…

Inverno31d ago

Those people will just argue that Arkane Austin and Tango would've been shut down either way.

MrBaskerville31d ago

Zenimax allready put them in a tight spot by demanding them to do a multiplayer title. So it's not unlikely, considering how bad the game performed. They didn't stand a chance. MS had the money to save them and to correct Zenimax' mistakes.