New trailers in European PS Store

Friday is the day the European PlayStation Store will get some new content and today is no exception. Sony Computer Entertainment just placed some new trailers in the PlayStation Store.

Hit the jump to see which trailers are now available to the Europeans.

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Watkins4751d ago

Woohoo! Calling all Cars... trailer :P
Nothing that interests me

ErcsYou4750d ago

why isn't europe's ps store the same as the U.S.. bad sony....and why hasnt the US pss have a hotshots golf demo?

Ducati4750d ago

Yeh, we get a couple more trailers, whilst Sony dedicates itself to the US store supplying games and trailers. Not difficult to see who takes priority in Sonys eyes. Time you focused a little more on the Europe\PAL areas and started treating your consumers alot better than you currently are.

BitbyDeath4750d ago

wow so many people complain about not getting an update and all they can scrunge up is 4 damn trailers not even demos of existing games or full version games.

Not cool Sony, you used to be about the music

Biphter4750d ago

I saw Calling All Cars headlined and thought WOO HOO! At last we can try it! Then discovered it was a trailer!!! and to top it off the Spiderman trailer is SD!!?? and a trailer of flOw???? WHY? I've been PLAYING flOw for 2 months now!!

Totally ridiculous. If anything right now, the PS Store is seriously dampening my enthusiasm in PS3. The 1.8 Update was nice, lots of cool new features.... But the PS store is laughable right now in Europe. Still no PS1 service and only 1 single classic game, Q Bert... Right.

Phlapp4749d ago

I nearly wet myself when I saw the flOw trailer on the PSN. Jeez thanks Sony you really shouldn't spoil us like this, lets face it your only 6 months behind US PS3 and over a year behind MS, you just keep pumping out these trailers for games we've all owned for months, and you'll soon catch up!

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