Top -The Burn: The Wii

The newest segment by Your Health is Low. The burn is the flaming of things that are going wrong or you just hate in the video game industry.

This Week: The Wii

Since this is the first post of The Burn we thought we would hurl our arrows of hate at the Wii. Now not everyone will agree and that's ok. This is a forum to get the things we hate about it out there so changes can be made.

If you've read the Console Wars article we wrote you will already know of our grips with this system. Now we did used to own a Wii, but over time we sold it to fund my gaming habits that we do like. We can already hear what your brain is starting to brew up there. No we're not a Nintendo hater or a fanboys of such a system. We try and look for the best in everything first. We love video games so Nintendo and we do pretty well, that is until recently.

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