Top -Console Wars: Your Weapon of Choice

You're staring at the glass window at your local store thinking which one should I get? My friends have this one, but I've heard great things about that one. So many things factor in why we choose which system to buy or to buy games for. This enters the Console War issue. Which will you choose?

The first system we got was a Xbox 360, because my brother got it for his birthday. Soon the other systems followed in a couple months because like most people buying one I love gaming and to have fun. Like with anything new and shiny in my line of sight, we played each console with equal time and a fan-boy like attitude to play all the games we could for each system. Soon though in playing each system, more and more things started to present themselves with each one. After spending two years with all three here are my thoughts, actions, and of course my weapon of choice in this war for a console.

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