Top -Project Natal: The Future? or Gimmick?

If you haven't heard about Project Natal then you must be either Amish or in coma these past couple of months.

Microsoft unveiled it's new weapon in the war for you choice of console. When they first started talking about how they could make a motion controller. I started to feel a slight gag reflex build up as I worried that waggling controllers were to be the way video games are going. To my surprised they said that they could do a controller but they didn't want to. Which at this I was wondering then why we have avatars if you aren't trying to copy the Wii. They said they want us to be the controller. At this I was speechless. Me the controller? If that's the case I might as well turn off the game and go play outside. They rolled things along with showing the crowd a tech demo for a break the blocks type of game. The young woman was using her body to hit the ball and smash down the boxes. Soon more balls came and she was using any part of her body to hit the balls back and knock down more blocks. While watching this I could tell that I was watching something awesome coming in the future. My brain began to imagine all the sweet things you could do with this new technology. Then my brain kicked in. Does this remind you of all those eye camera games like on the PS3 or Xbox 360? And last time I checked most video game companies aren't truthful and nice. Except Bungie maybe a few others.

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