New Tekken 6 Character Revealed

Leaked images from the newest issue of Famitsu have surfaced… and the character that was widely referred to as "Manly Man" is now officially known as "Miguel" thanks to mukumuku on forum for the tip.

Also, has released the character story profiles for both Jin Kazama and Miguel! Check them out on their TEKKEN 6 section!

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closedxxx4751d ago

Online "lag" was just a cop out for them so they wouldn't have to build an online component for the game. DOA went online, and a lot of people successfully fought.
If you want to be a player in the next gen arena, and not just a cult fanboy underground, bring some online gameplay to the table. Lame

DaTrooF4751d ago

if you hate tekken so much why are you commenting or even care about this news?
just stfu!!

JUSTaGAME4751d ago (Edited 4751d ago )

I didn't get the impression he hated tekken, just that he was disappointed that they didn't incorporate online play... which... kinda makes sense.
If the BURGER KING games can have online play, it's pretty weak for Tekken to punk out on online play.
Sounds like the fanboys are getting ready to go to bat for Tekken. that's so cute

DaTrooF4751d ago (Edited 4751d ago )

those scans suk!!
does anybody know where i could get a better quality scan?

EDIT:lol # 3
i think he is a bullfighter
i hear that he doesnt know any martial arts

closedxxx4751d ago

You're entitled to an opinion. But you didn't help Tekken's case at all by trying to bash mine.

p.s- Michael Jordon is a cheatin' pos

specialguest4751d ago

He looks like a bullfighter or a Spaniard Mariachi dancer. lol

SPAWN4751d ago

That I would love to see come to the xbox 360! Later for MGS4, Just give me Tekken 6!

achira4751d ago

buy a ps3 if you want a ps3 game. ppl are so poor.

BubblesDAVERAGE4751d ago

That is a pipe dream TEKKEN WILL NEVA BE ON 360. I can put my life that..I like SC more then Tekken though so i wouldnt care.

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