Loot Ninja's Warhawk Beta Impressions

Loot Ninja spent a good bit of time this morning in the Warhawk beta on PS3, and they think this will be a must have when it's released.

The controls are really good for both ground and aerial combat. There's also a ton of weapons including hand-held guns and grenades, upgraded weapons for tanks and jeeps, and upgraded weapons for the aircraft. Not to mention all the crazy turrets you can hop on. Loot Ninja's personal favorite: the flamethrower.

The sound in the game is amazing. It features full 7.1 channel uncompressed Linear PCM, which is astounding.

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fenderputty4752d ago

It's been on since I've downloaded it. I've taken breaks to eat, sleep and do other internet geek stuff. lol

rowdy 14752d ago

you're so lucky I've been praying for an invite, but got left at the alter. How do you rate this compared to other multiplayer battle games yu've played? Looks pretty good. Whats your opinion? or anyone thats played it. Let me know something.

Mishmash194752d ago

it is a very fun game and should sell well. the controls are really smooth and the graphics and action are great. it is very addictive. there is a learning curve, especially with the flying, but once you fool around with the analog controsl you leanr what does what. the only complaint i have about it so far is the way you look up and down when in ground combat. it is the opposite of socom and resistance, so everytime i wanna look up i keep on looking at the ground and so on. but that is just a lil pet peeve of mine. plus, since it is a beta and i am sure the network was overloaded yesterday, the game did freeze up more than 5 times on me and sometimes it is difficult ot connect to games. it is early in development with the server, so i am sure that it will be fixed. but OVERALL it is fun as hell and its great to have many options to play in the multiplayer (on foot, warhawks, tanks, defense turrets) hopefully they will have a public beta so more people can try it out before the release.

fenderputty4752d ago

more intuitive then the analog sticks. I agree with everything else though. It's a blast online.

Mishmash194752d ago

i tried the motion controls, i wasnt sure how to adjust it for the flying aspect. It was difficult for me with whatever settings it had for six axis control. they had 2 options for the sensitivity, so when i have time i will play around with it more.

anyone else keep freezing up or have difficult times connecting to games at certain points?

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brianodom4752d ago

that game is nuts, i played for about an hour last night, those jets that come outta nowhere scare the hell out of you when you are creeping

and the graphics are gorgeous

drtysouf214752d ago

great its really fun! and the graphics are spot on! With such a variety (on foot, in jeep, in tank, in plane) it never gets old!

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The story is too old to be commented.