PS3 update: 'RGB [Full]' explained with pictures

There have been a number of features added in the PS3's 1.80 firmware update; many of which have been overlooked. The PS3 now supports Super-White and x.v.Color output, playing Blu-ray movies at 24Hz, and now an RGB Full Range option is enabled for those with HDTV's that support it. This latter option increases the range of colours in PS3 playback, making both films and movies have a much wider range of colour. Continue to see the results for when RGB Full Range is enabled, and how to see if your TV supports it.

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Arkham4751d ago

The differences are striking. Now I have to re-tune my HDTV shopping to include full-RGB support. ;)

DaTrooF4751d ago

to this whole hdtv thing
the difference is suprisingly big
does samsungs new dlp hdtv have it?

fenderputty4751d ago

I think you need HDMI though. I could be wrong. Either way ... it's amazing how much more vibrant and deep the colors are.

techie4751d ago

Very deep. Yus you need HDMI for it

Silverwolf4751d ago

it's not a DLP it's an LCD LN-R3228W does indeed support it. BTW Ninja Gaiden looks incredible with this feature on.

DaTrooF4751d ago

dlp's dont support it???
only lcd's??

TheExecutive4751d ago

my samsung 1080P dlp supports it... hl-s6188w

DaTrooF4751d ago

ima go check that out.
bubbles for you:D

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Violater4751d ago

Full RGb is the setting on your PS3 with the 1.8 update.
Man those drake photo's look amazing!

techie4751d ago

yuh look pretty sweet Vio ;)

Antan4751d ago

An exellent addition to the update.

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The story is too old to be commented.