Forza 3 Car Crash, It Lives

Check out the game physics Turn 10 was talking about.

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JOLLY13305d ago


rockleex3305d ago (Edited 3305d ago )

Did the physics of crashes affect the review scores for Forza 3?

If not, then I better not see any reviews bashing GT5 for its crash physics.

Have you ever seen a pro race accident? No car can physically flip in midair a couple times just to land on a nosedive and maintain balance for 20 seconds, then somehow end up driving away with barely deformations whatsoever.

At least in the unfinished GT5 physics, the cars don't perform acrobatics.

And if you really want damage physics, go play Burnout or NFS Shift. Although those aren't particularly realistic either, at least you don't get SUPER unrealistic situations like this.


it just makes me want GT5 more, this is retarded

JOLLY13305d ago (Edited 3305d ago )

Yes, you can record it. Then you can upload it to your computer. Then you can make video compilations. I say again....yes, you can!

(I like how the author took down the video (that looked cool) for this video that doesn't look good)

SnuggleBandit3305d ago (Edited 3305d ago )

there's plenty more where that came from...I also love how when you crash into something ALL the paint gets scratched lmao

But you guys are right...this is the most definitive racer ever made lol

sinncross3305d ago

that looks like it came from an arcade racer...

davekaos3305d ago (Edited 3305d ago )

WOW great physics there gt5 can never beat that looooooooooooool.
Turn 10 just made a statement in regards to this video, apparently this car is part of the circus thats why it can do crazy sh*t like that.

Microsoft Xbox 3603305d ago

Is that what you call definitive racer? What a complete embarrassment.

Sarcasm3305d ago

Forza Motorsport 3, Where Dreams are Driven... Vertically...

lokiroo4203305d ago (Edited 3305d ago )

So the car thinks it can dance eh?

rareairtone3305d ago

All the people who haven't played forza will immediately believe that this happens when a crash occurs.


This happens when a player begins to crash and he CONTINUES TO PUSH THE BUTTONS OR STICK AROUND. during a crash, if the any of the buttons or sticks are touched, the physics "cancel" and the player is then given full control over how the car moves. The goal was to get racers to still be able to race even if they made a dire mistake such as that crash. I hve nothing to say about the paint scrapes, but I'm tired of people posting videos like this with no explanations. they dont want to explain it because they know it'd lose its effect of making forza 3 look really bad.

badz1493305d ago

it's flat like a floor! DEFINITIVE!

DelbertGrady3305d ago

GT5 better not have any glitches then ;)

It's amazing that this got approved as news. N4G really has become a haven for PS3 fanboys.

Mr_Bun3305d ago

PD hasn't been running their mouths like Turn 10. Claiming that you have the greatest product at every opportunity, invites scrutiny

N4G king3305d ago

GT never glitched on me since my first GT on the PS1
and i never got GT5:P
but i did hear that it got some minor glitches (GT5:P)

the thing is
its not the final version
and yes add to that what 1.18 said

nbsmatambo3305d ago

am i the onli 1 that thought it was gonna transform?

but seriously that isnt the "Generation Defining Racing Sim" turn 10 was talking about was it?

sak5003305d ago

GT5 the ultimate physics model.. Turn 10 should have incorporated GT5 physics.

Terry Tate3305d ago

I had this happen to me in the demo while I was driving the Audi R8. It was really weird. My car just stood there on its nose until I wiggled the wheel. Just a freak occurance is all this is. Every game has some strange quirks.
LOL on people saying how great the physics are in GT. Just look at those videos of the crazy car spins. I've had that happen to me too. Take the blinders off people. Appreciate these games for what they are, entertainment. Just because a dev is being a jerk doesn't mean the game is crap.

rareairtone3305d ago

How do you explain this?

or this

while these may not even look extremely great to you in terms of how it crashed, at least the car didn't start standing on end or moving stiffly.

This is because the player did not touch the controller

Chubear3305d ago

Wow very reliable all these gaming sites that gave the game 9s & Perfect scores. They really have the best interest of the gaming community at heart >.>

TotalPS3Fanboy3305d ago (Edited 3305d ago )

That is just some retarded physics. And not only that, the car look and feels weightless, unlike GT5. GT5 cars feels very heavy and realistic.

Come on, Turn 10, I dare you to make more fools out of yourselves.

Maddens Raiders3305d ago (Edited 3305d ago )

your comment is simply absurd. To praise & attempt to pawn off this arcadey stunt as something cool is really pushing the insult meter on our collective intelligences. The words Polyohony & Digital should never come from anyone's mouth at T10 again.

*After seeing this garbage, I sure hope this would not be the game that drunk ass Houston guy killed his son over.

edit/: realized that's not possible but the thought of that Houston guy still has me shook.

Chubear3305d ago

All these people harping on the glitch to justify this mediocre game.

OK fine, forget about the glitch. Pretend that's not even in the vid... LOOK AT IT! THAT is what you want to go out and support? Why do you think you people would ever have top quality gaming when you show MS that you'll support stuff like this?

Come on, the physics in this is laughable. Need for Speed, and even Burnout, displays way better physics and graphics too. So you like this cause you can put a pic of Arse on the hood and neon purple paint on the rims? Ok, so make comparisons to Midnight run type racers but you want car enthusiasts to look at that and say it's better than GTP? There are other sims out right now that surpass Forza3 and this is a high profile exclusive in-house game.. GOING INTO YEAR 5 ON THE 360.

It's unconscionable to look at all the vids we've seen of this game and call this a 9 type racing sim. It's ridiculous. All those that love this game better not open their mouths to ANYTHING about GT5 when it releases for sure.

beardpapa3305d ago

Even Dirt 2 does roll overs more realistically than F3. I was playing it last night after picking it up and was able to make one of the computer opponents roll and do a nose stand like in the vid. Heck that's one less opponent to worry about but still quite funny.

MNicholas3304d ago

and this is the best they can do?

As for the video ... did Toyota ever actually manufacture a Celica that could switch between AWD and 2WD?

Anon19743304d ago

This video really surprised me. It looked like something you would have seen in Burnout, but not nearly as cool.

I thought Turn 10 was going for realism.

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kalebgray923305d ago

no game has physics like this

snipermk03305d ago

Yea.. that was some retarded physics. Standing on a nosedive for like half a minute? sureeeeeeeee


dont you like these kind of things tho

kaveti66163305d ago

Physics are not perfect in any game. During the multiplayer Beta (I know, betas have glitches, but listen) of Uncharted 2, I was playing a deathmatch in The Temple map and somebody had thrown a grenade into one of the large hallways, and the grenade got stuck in midair and was making its sound and flashing red for the entire game. It never detonated, and it was funny to see the players staring at it for so long.

What I'm saying is, it happens, and you can say that ND got rid of that glitch, but there's a whole host of glitches that make it through to the final product, and considering Turn 10 only had 2 years to work on Forza 3, I didn't expect for them to release an immensely polished product.

Abash3305d ago

I'll just wait for Gran Turismo 5

ZombieAutopsy3305d ago (Edited 3305d ago )

I think the reason people are so hard on this game is because Turn 10 were saying its the best and has 120mhz physics engine that cant be matched, then they see things like this and everyone now knows they are full of it, not sayin F3 is terrible but not much of an improvement from F2

aaronisbla3304d ago (Edited 3304d ago )

did he just try to justify this Forza video by pointing out an example from Uncharted 2? I guess i get his point but WoooooooooooooW what a stretch there.

Its like you went and got all defensive "bu,bu,but Uncharted 2 had a grenade stuck in the air in the beta" lol, lame as hell

I'm sure the game is fun for those who like racers though

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Ninji3305d ago (Edited 3305d ago )

Seems like they have just about as many ridiculous glitches(?) in this game than the last one.


lol thats ridicuolous, yep definently the best driving sim this gen lol

Biggunz3305d ago

WTF is wrong with you people...I see cars do this every weekend in Nascar.

Chubear3305d ago

No 360fan should ever have the gull to talk an iota of smack about ANY PS3 game after they defend and support games like this and ODST. Any PS3 gamer that listens to 360gamers about PS3 gaming is an utter fool.

spongeboob3304d ago

That looks like a 9.5/10 sim racer if i ever saw one. /sarc

Foliage3304d ago (Edited 3304d ago )

I was playing Forza 3 earlier, and there was a hedge alongside the road that was a few polygons away from being a simple cube. Outside of a few areas in 1 or 2 levels, the environments look pretty bad. You have got to love bullshots. The cars somehow manage to look worse.

And holy rubberband!

Luckily we got Tekken, Ratchet, and DJ Hero in at the office today, so Forza 3 was quickly buried in the pile in it's rightful spot at the bottom.

zag3304d ago

I thought all the cars were fully modeled, meaning the underside had at least a texture or something to make it look like a car.

And the damage model doesn't seem to be working... the whole front of the car should be destroyed and it's only got minor panel damage, last month so many people were whinging about the lack of damage in GT.

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Godmars2903305d ago

This does actually being up a few questions. Like if crashes that are that spectacular yet result in little real damage are common, was it considered in all of the 9 and 10 review scores its been getting.

More to the point was that ever mentioned in them.

Dutch Boogie3305d ago

Don't waste your time asking man, they'd just by pass the question. The double standards is at a disgusting level that you're best off playing a demo of the game to judge for yourself.

I can't wait for GT5 to come out. We'll see how they score it for having much better physics and damage.