G4TV: Tekken 6 Review

What can you compare Tekken 6 to? Take the PSN-exclusive Tekken 5: Dark Ressurection, add six new characters and Tekken Force, and it comprises this sequel. If it were comparably priced to that downloadable game, G4TV would recommend it, but at full-price, it's a harder sell. If you're looking for something new and innovative in the fighting games you play, steer well clear.

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raztad3280d ago (Edited 3280d ago )

Tekken 6 is having some bad reviews already, looks like it deserves them.

Well whatever, this review brings the words "double standards" to mind: G4TV scored with 5/5 other game in very similar conditions recently.


i understand where the reviewers are coming from but what else can you do in a fighting game that hasn't been done already. I see no problems with the devs sticking with what they know works and improving what they can. We don't moan at the Maddens or the Fifas about them being basically the same game with a new lick of paint released for full price every year. If the devs overhaled everthing in the Tekken series and got it wrong everyone would be saying why didn't they stick with what worked.

heroicjanitor3279d ago

Fifa this year had ridiculous numbers of bugs, I like the gameplay but most of the time if I give away a goal it isn't my fault, it's because of defenders taking the ball down instead of heading it away...

Oh and lol at this
"If it were comparably priced to that downloadable game, G4TV would recommend it, but at full-price, it's a harder sell. If you're looking for something new and innovative in the fighting games you play, steer well clear." Halo 3:ODST 5/5

Sarcasm3279d ago

"G4TV would recommend it, but at full-price, it's a harder sell. If you're looking for something new and innovative in the fighting games you play, steer well clear. "

Wow, that should have been their ODST review.

NeoCloud3279d ago

I just got Uncharted 2, saving my money for DragonAge and other awesome games like Bioshock 2,GOW 3.So i am gonna wait till the price drops.

ABizzel13279d ago

Their biggest complaints are the load times, which are a problem if their taking over 10 seconds to load up on the 360, and it was about 20 on the PS3 without the install (w it I think it was 13 or 15). They should have had more customization options as well (Soul Cal. thank you).

And the only way to innovate the fighting game genre is to make new fighting games. Most fighting games are on their 4th, 5th, and 6th installments, and that's not including spin-offs. It's time for something new.

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VsAssassin3280d ago

that when I played the game on ps3 yesterday I was underwhelmed. There jaggies everywhere. Some of the stages are also lackluster, if not some are rendered in sub-HD. Take for example the Jungle area. T4's Jungle is much much more beatiful. I mean c'mon Namco!

ElementX3279d ago

You should be used to jaggies, you do own a PS3. inFamous, anyone? How about almost every game? Vaseline filter? lol

Jaggies are the PS3's worst enemy. I wish developers utilized AA like they do on 360.

LastDance3279d ago

I'm use to ElementX being a fan boy.

Bathyj3279d ago

Thats funny, the worst jaggies I've seen this gen were on Halo 3 and Forza 2. Maybe you have a crap TV.

3279d ago
Dipso3279d ago (Edited 3279d ago )

Months later ElementX and you are still banging on about inFAMOUS and its jaggies. Its getting tiring at this stage..."AA, jaggies, jaggies, oh and did I happen to mention, for no apparent reason, that I'm gay?"

Its ok, we get it, you don't like jaggies and you don't like the peach-fish, marvelous, I'm delighted for you.

3279d ago
Feral Gamer3279d ago

The PS3 does have jaggies, but they don't affect the gameplay. Unless you stop moving and look for them they're hardly noticeable.

ElementX3279d ago (Edited 3279d ago )

I sold my 360 like 6 months ago for rent money and kept my PS3. I'm hardly a fanboy. I have owned both consoles and now I only own a PS3.

Bathy I have a Samsung 46" TV. I forgot the model number.

Did I mention inFamous has jaggies? I only mention it because all the PS3 fans seem to think that game is teh awesome. I must be in the minority for not being impressed with it.

Bilbo653279d ago (Edited 3279d ago )

Well i was too busy enjoying the fast gameplay, immersive city, stylized cutscenes and memorable boss fights to notice. Plus when did anyone say Infamous was the best looking PS3 game?

Even though it puts others of same genre to shame (gta 4, prototype)

jessupj3279d ago

I love my ps3, those that know me know I'm pro sony. But I admit I am hating the jaggies on my ps3. Absolutely hate them. For me it spoils the experience quite substantially. Fallout 3 looked like a ps2 game thanks to the jaggies. Call me spoilt, but I expected smooth crystal clear graphics this gen.

heroicjanitor3279d ago

So I don't particularly notice these. As soon as I get a decent tv I'll let you know about the jaggies, but until then inFamous is my favourite game this gen(haven't got U2 yet since I want a good tv first)

Dipso3279d ago

I admit that inFAMOUS had pretty bad jaggies and the animation of the pedestrians was pretty poor. However Cole's animation, the lighting effects, the physics and detail in the building textures completely overshadowed those weaknesses. The game was supremely polished when put up against a very similar title that was released around the same time.

SL1M DADDY3279d ago

So you are hating on a game for jaggies? Despite having some of the best game play mechanics and overall missions in any game around, you criticize the game for a few jaggies? Sorry, but your argument holds no water. Sure the PS3 has a few games with some jaggies but the PS3 also is home to the best games on the market. You can't have your cake and always eat it too. You might get a few jaggies but you get games like inFAMOUS, Uncharted 2, Killzone 2, and GT5. Sorry, but the jaggies in Forza 2 didn't keep me from admitting it was a fun game. The jaggies in Halo 3 never kept me from finishing the game. But then again, only a silly fanboy would knock a great game for a few jaggies...

ElementX3279d ago

inFamous was extremely repetitive. Lightning attacks got boring after a while, the enemy AI wasn't that impressive and there were only a few mission types. The city didn't really appear alive and the game was lacking enemy variety.

SL1M DADDY3279d ago

You were one of the folks that liked Prototype over inFAMOUS weren't you?

ElementX3279d ago

I never played Prototype


I have to say I am with Element on this one.

You only need to go back and read the comments before infamous came out to see all the fans bragging about Infamous's graphics.

When I got the game I was very, very disappointed. It has nothing to do with prototype ( which itself looked even worse...I am talking xbox 1 bad ) call me crazy but I think GTA4 actually looked better. When it comes to creating a sandbox city its all about the little details.

If infamous had taken place in liberty city straight out of gta4, I would have enjoyed it 10x more.

Redempteur3279d ago

I do think that gta 4 is prettier than infamous ( being both open world games )

BUt that doesn't kept me from enjoying both games ..there are not perfect ... ( infamous had some weird car popups on the bridges for example) but it's definitly a FUN GAME a wonderfull new IP AND i WANT a sequel ...

Sorry guys ..but what if it had jaggies ??? ( i did not see them but even so ) does that make the game less fun ? Sorry but thunder droping never got old for me ..( same with crowd control , and blast and bolt ) i 've platiniumed this game ( infamous ) and i still think i'll enjoy it if i were to restart it again .....
And that's how i see great games ... games that i can restart over and over and still have fun with ...

raztad3279d ago (Edited 3279d ago )

GTA4 was smother (less jaggies) but BLURRY as hell. Infamous destroys it in terms of lot better textures, everything is sharper (though it can use some AA), and a lot of more stuff happening on screen.

inFAMOUs is right there on my top 5 this gen. Game is the only I've beaten twice. It's not perfect but the climbing mechanics is incredible and the game has a lot of potential. Waiting for a sequel.


Vaseline filter was used in GTA4 and other games, and you right about some games like inFAMOUS being jagged but that doesnt mean every game on the PS3 is jagged. MGS4, KZ2, UC2, NGS2 are extremely sharp and smooth games.

dreamcast3279d ago

Infamous has better textures than GTA4 but had too much pop-in and jaggies. Still enjoyed the game and thought the city was well-made... but there's lots of room for improvement if they do infamous 2.

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WIIIS13280d ago

Well I've always said that Virtua Fighter is the best 3D fighter around and the obvious version to get was the 360 version, but I remember people were trying so hard to argue that Tekken Dark Resurrection was better and Tekken 6 would be the best, this was back then when they thought Tekken 6 would be an exclusive.

OmarJA3279d ago

Nobody care what you think kid.

Tainted Gene3279d ago

and I remember does discussions years ago as well. The first preview trailer for Tekken 6 was CG, it came out almost a year before the ps3 did. The CG was a gross misrepresentation of the final product in my opinion. If I can find the video I'll get a link up,( it was pretty cool, it was Jin doing Katas).

belal3279d ago

only because i am a tekken fan...

3/5 isnt bad... its like 7/10 or 8/10 at best, the game will be great!

jammy_703279d ago

i duno wheather to get this or now =/

Feral Gamer3279d ago

LOL, someone needs to learn basic math skills.


x 2, x 2

3 x 2 = 6
5 x 2 = 10


tekken6 = 6/10



I got a disagree..

ok, my numbers must be wrong.

Kids these days, what do they teach you in school ?

Sarcasm3279d ago (Edited 3279d ago )

"3/5 isnt bad... its like 7/10 or 8/10 at best, the game will be great!"

I think you guys misunderstood him. He's saying that a 3 out of 5 isn't bad, and thinks that it should deserve a 7/10 or 8/10 at best.

He didn't say "3/5 is a 7/10 or 8/10"

Battling_boy3279d ago

^Someone can read,YAY!. I thought I was the only one....:P
L2R people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!

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In a fighting game you can only go so far ,graphics wise,before it starts to affect the gameplay, fighting games could be 1080p beautiful anti-aliased games but then you wouldn't get the 60fps lghtning fast combos both casual and professional players want. its a dangerous balancing act and at the end of the day Tekken has alot of competition in the profesional fighters market and I don't think they mind sacrificing a little beauty for a smoother experience.

McRad3279d ago

Sorry dude but you're wrong, fighting games are one of the few genres where graphics can really shine due to only needing to display the fighters and their environments (Tekken 6 excels at the former). There aren't AI routines for 20 other enemies onscreen to deal with, no massive levels to stream in and other things that other genres have.

Sarcasm3279d ago (Edited 3279d ago )

"fighting games could be 1080p beautiful anti-aliased games but then you wouldn't get the 60fps lghtning fast combos both casual and professional players want."

Except if it's Tekken 5: DR on PSN.

And actually, if they made the games native or at least upscaled 1080p, it would result in a better input response since the TV doesn't have to upscale 1280x720 to 1920x1080 which could cost 5ms or so. Well, on a 1080p tv at least.

Baka-akaB3279d ago (Edited 3279d ago )


Wrong , and not because i'm defending tekken's graphics ... they could indeed have been a bit better ..

Wrong because displaying upclose characters with usually 10x time the polygons and details, their mo-capped or highly detailled animation , especially in multiple angles and lighting effect , with increasingly more detailled backgrounds , sometimes with animations , at an optimized speed and most of the time 60fps , is actually not that easy .

You can't just pretend that XXX fps , say COD , got more credits and merits for displaying 100 dudes on a field , when none of them will ever be as detailled as the 2 fighters .. when out of the 100 in front of you , only small waves of 10-15 are usually IA active , until you trigger the other behinds ...

Fighting games actually always had to deal with massive technical restriction , obviously mostly in 2d , with Blazblue , Kof XII and SF3 still being the benchmark for 2d quality instead of being anime level , but also quite a few in 3d .
There are reasons why most new fighting games still arent beating soul calibur 4's graphics and wont for a long time , maybe even till soul calibur 5 .

NeoCloud3279d ago

I too am a Huge Tekken fan, have been since Tekken 1 on the PSOne.I am not going to say anything about the gameplay, but the graphics are kinda of a let down [after playing it at my mates place].I mean Come On its Just 2 Characters in the screen fighting each other, after games like Uncharted2,Killzone2, etc it does come as a huge letdown. And remember SoulCalibur 4 looks better then Tekken 6 and that games a year old { and Namco's Own Game].

Sevir043279d ago

and that was a PS3 launch window game, and the graphics translated beautifully over to the PS3. whats more. tekken 6 is an arcade port who's arcade platform was built off the cell. it looks to me that the arcade is actually the true PS3 exclusie and when it went multiplatform they lost it's graphic fidelity. yet another reason why I skip multiplats unless it's an extremely good developer making it the ebst it can be. Screw tekken 6... So Far the only 2 Good fighting games to be released is street fighter 4, and Blazblu: Calamity Trigger. thank you capcom and thank you Ars System works for making the best fighting games this Gen. everything else is simply Meh. Tekken 6, Soul Calibur 4, DOA4, VF5, MKvsDC... sigh...

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