GameSpy: R&C Future: A Crack in Time Review

the game is gorgeous, and funny, and varied, and ultimately extremely satisfying. It offers substantial replay value via the now-standard Challenge Mode (in which you start the game over with all your weapons and collectibles, and earn point multipliers based on the number of enemies you eliminate without taking damage). Frustrating or not, it's pretty barren of dull moments.

It's all about balance, you see. And pacing. And A Crack in Time does as good a job of maintaining both as any Ratchet game GameSpy has seen in years.

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Sitris3279d ago

Another great game to pick up that means my games for the next few months is.....
CoD:MW2, Tekken 6, Demon Souls, R&C:ACiT, NGS2, AC2, Dragon Age:Origin, Uncharted 2 and Borderlands(Just picked it up!!! Amazing)
What a holiday season haha

PSN ID: Sitris

Be a gamer not a hater

raztad3279d ago

Using Best Buy's "buy 2 get one for free" offer, I bought R&C, NGS2 and got UC2 for free. Free shipping with release delivery for R&C:ACiT.

4.5/5 is a very solid score. Judging by the demo (and previuos installations) game totally deserves it. Cant wait to play it.

Sevir043279d ago

this game needs to be high up there

edwineverready3279d ago

The last r&c forgot the name. was very under rated. i loved it and it's still one of my favorite ps3 games.

raztad3279d ago

Deadlocked (USA)/ Gladiator (EU).