Warning: WWE Smackdown 2010 Bug May Result In Naked Wrestlers

Kotaku: "THQ's latest grappler, WWE Smackdown Vs. Raw 2010 looks like it may have a glitch that could leave your WWE superstar embarrassingly pantsless, as shown in the above, potentially NSFW video that features virtual ladies sans underthings."

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thedisagreefairy3280d ago (Edited 3280d ago )

thats EPIC

someones ass is getting fired

Cueil3280d ago

no vag no fired as I see it... it's something that is totally strange that it wasn't caught in the testing

FragMnTagM3280d ago

by a disgruntled programmer. If they find out who did that, they are not going to have a job. Unless of course this was a shameless publicity stunt ala GTA San Andreas. It is pretty funny though, especially doing leg locks and grapples.

gtamike1233280d ago

R* the guys who made GTA San Andreas Got Fu*ked big time, when something like this happened to them. (to do with game ratings like "M", or in uk "16")

socomnick3280d ago

Big difference. THQ had a bug in the game that as a pixelated lower region on the female characters, no vagina no different than a barby doll.

Rockstar put in a sexual intercourse minigame. Huge difference.

mrv3213280d ago

Rockstar put the mini-game in the game but not normally playable, isn't that what the hot-coffe mod is for?

whothedog3280d ago

No mom don't come in mom I'm playing WWE, no mom, noooooo!!!

Pwee3280d ago

lol indeed!

Tis pretty funny though

Cueil3280d ago

Was that for the lolz?

Cregan45843279d ago

I laughed when I thought of it. Creepy people are funny.

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