Sony Cancels Playable Gran Turismo 5 UK Demo

GTPlanet writes: "With so many of you making plans to attend the PlayStation House tour after we noticed that Gran Turismo 5 would be making an appearance, I felt this latest turn of events has warranted its own blog post. Unfortunately, in a statement to VG247, SCEE has announced that GT5's listing on the site was a "mistake". Sure enough, Sony has just updated the PlayStation House website, removing the racing title from the description (the old version lives on in Google's cache, for now)."

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NotoriousWarrior3279d ago

what kind of a comment is that OWNED?

i mean have you seen online for GT5? have you played to talk about physics? have you played it to talk about handling? and we all know damage is being worked on.

lol at Tire flex. i watch allot of Forza dev videos and all they talk about is 3-70 year olds being able to play it and how the game has tire flex.

I wanted to get the game but dissapointed me after actual footage was release after those drift videos.

it can get 100 10/10 the fact remains that the game doesn't look good to ME.

kaveti66163279d ago

Well, if they had released another Demo, then that would make 5 demos, according to an Xbox video on youtube.

tripewire3279d ago

I'm still not ruling out a suprise early release for GT5. Reasons below.

1) Sony seems to be reinvigorated lately. Better marketing, new SKU, bigger push on individual games = better attitude.
2) GT5 doesn't need a pre-release advertising campaign. 1st day sales may be down a bit, Second day sales would be epic.
3) Sony really need to prevent Forza becoming known as the only racing sim, even if its for a few months. GT has a great reputation and they may lose some of that if they are seen to be dragging the ball.
4) Kaz has said that it is ready to release any time.
5) There was an article here about PD puting on alot more staff.

Not saying its probably, or even likely, but I would not be the slightest bit suprised if it dropped on FM3's release date. FM3 is pretty much doing the marketing for them.

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