Rainbow Six: Vegas Hands-on PS3

Lock and load with the PlayStation 3 version for the first time.

was originally announced as a launch-window title for the PlayStation 3, and yet delay after delay pushed back its release until what now looks like it'll be sometime soon (hopefully). We had a chance to pick up the controls of the PS3 version for the first time yesterday in San Diego at Sony's gamer's Day, though unfortunately it looks as if the development must have been spent on fixing bugs and optimization as opposed to adding new content as what we saw was largely the same as the Xbox 360 and PC games.

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Sounds to me there been lazy again.

Captain Tuttle4587d ago

It's just that the PS3 COSTS more to develop for and money's the name of the game. It will always hold the PS3 back unless the developers get better tools or Sony lets them charge more for games. I'd imagine the former rather than the latter but who knows when it will happen?

nice_cuppa4587d ago

look at dirt, graw2, splintercell even half-life 2 .

its a great system ...... but it is hard to work compared to 360 .

deal with it....
the devs are doing there best .

m000b14587d ago

Graw 2 looks better and has more stuff on the PS3. So does oblivion. Many devs have already stated that other devs are being lazy.

BubblesDAVERAGE4587d ago

Thye did like the ps2 either what did they expect from sony this time. THats all I have to say.

THC PRITCHARD4587d ago (Edited 4587d ago )

To the guy below me

I played rainbow six v for 360 and as u may no by my icon me and my clan was one of the Uk Best
More info can be found on and i will hope to make a hell of a ps3 clan soon

add any of them members in my list and they will tell u about me.
Or if u have the nuts VS them

look out for me in rainbow on ps3 Add THC_PRITCHARD and see u there

CyberSentinel4587d ago (Edited 4587d ago )

Keep calling them lazy and blaming them for the difficult software toolsets, and compromising memory/cpu/gpu hardware architecture, and perhalps one day they will decide not to develop/port any games to the ps3.

@13 Jenzo: Bubble for you sir.

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The story is too old to be commented.