TouchGen Review - Sniper Vs Sniper: Online

TouchGen writes: "Com2us take on the over-saturated market of Sniper games on the AppStore. So is success squarely in their sights or do they become just another John Doe in a body bag?

After the success of their last iPhone game 'Homerun Battle 3D' (previously known as Baseball Sluggers) which was not only original and good to look at, but also featured the best implementation of online gaming on the iPhone and iPod Touch, you would think entering into the Sniper genre was a step backward. Afterall, there are a ton of Sniper games on the AppStore, which capitalise on the touch and pinch dynamic that works so well on the platform. Some of these games fair well, Paramount's 'Shooter' being one of my favourites, and others not so much, iHunt springs to mind!

So how have Com2Us implemented their unique spin on proceedings? Well on the face of it it's hard to tell. It looks very much like the majority of Sniper games already out there. Tap the zoomed out view of your surroundings to activate your binoculars, and when you have located your target, tap the target icon to switch to your sniper scope. Tap once more to shoot! Movement is via accelerometer, so tilting in any direction translates the same on screen."

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