The five best game console controllers of all time

Gamers love banging on about how good their favourite console is, but there's one thing and one thing alone that makes a good game system great, and that's a brilliant controller.

The controller, also known as the gamepad or joypad, is what gamers use to perform death-defying skateboard tricks, score Ronaldo-beating goals or shoot their way out of alien-infested spaceships.

A piece of plastic converts us from mere mortals into super-human beings, capable of doing anything. But what are the best controllers ever?

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MK_Red4795d ago

Not a good top 5. Is 360 controller really number 1!? And where are NES and megadrive controllers?

closedxxx4795d ago

Aww c'mon man... The NES controller was MURDER on your hands. There is nothing ergonomic about a box.

specialguest4795d ago (Edited 4795d ago )

Rats! I feel silly now. This is what happens when I am not able to read the entire article because of certain website restrictions at work. A lesson learned today...

Captain Tuttle4795d ago (Edited 4795d ago )

+ 1 for your honesty.

Lyberator4795d ago (Edited 4795d ago )

I actually think the 360's pad is the best ive used and im not being biased. I have owned or played almost every system thats come out right down to the old Atari (oldest one I own is the old NES). I dont know about the N64 controller being on there. That one is kinda awkward.

4795d ago
gta_cb4794d ago (Edited 4794d ago )

i havnt owned every console, but i have had alot, and i DO preffer the Xbox 360s. the thing is when i played my PS2 after a while my thumbs would start hurting etc, but with the Xbox 360 controller i can play for long ammounts of time and i never have any problems with it. as for the PS3... i dont own one yet, but this statement

"Was it a massive mistake for Sony to lose the vibes? We think it was."

i do agree, especially if i am playing late at night and i need to be quiet the rumble is good if you have been hit (racing) or shot at etc.

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Lygre4795d ago (Edited 4795d ago )

The triggers on the original xbox controller was made so well that it made shooting games and driving games alot easier and better to play. They triggers on the 360 are also very good.

I feel it's much better to accelerate with a car with the right trigger than having to just push a button, trigger is better that way.

Same thing goes for FPS.

The controller is also nice to hold, it's not too small nor too big. It's wireless so that makes it even more comfier. And the headset works perfectly fine with it in ALL games that have multiplayer over Xbox Live.

My fav controller.

The Snake4795d ago

The 360 controller is imo the best made for gaming. It's the right size, the buttons are laid out properly, and the analog sticks are in a more natural playing position than the Playstation's side by side layout. Add the standard wireless capabilities and rumble support and you've got a winner.

I do not believe that the N64 controller should have been on this list.

sajj3164795d ago

The controller is too darn heavy. You don't realize the weight of the controller until you got through with using the Sixaxis or the Dual Shock 2. Too bulky in my opinion but it is ergonomic. The D pad is the worst however. Two negative points.

I agree with having the triggers for the 360. Definite plus point.

Overall I think the Dual Shock 2 is the best controller of all time.

The Real Joker4795d ago

is nice BECAUSE it is heavy. That way it can be used as a weapon. If I am playing a game, and someone breaks into my house then viola! I keep my gun in the bedroom so maybe I should put a 360 controller in every other room for protection.

FCOLitsjustagame4795d ago

I really think the 360 controller is the best I have ever used. It is heavier then the PS controller but that is one of the things I actually like about it. Not to use as a weapon but just because it feels solid and real and balanced in my hand. The PS controller feels like a toy...which is ironic since all of these are toys.

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closedxxx4795d ago

I will give the "pioneer" award to the Dreamcast. Sure it had the retarded video screen memory unit, but it was better than the PS1 controller. The Playstation 1, 2, 3 controller has always suffered from weak analog springs, and a narrow controller body that make it more effort to hold onto during long gaming sessions.

When Xbox redesigned the original controller and came out with the compact Controller "S" they struck gold. It did everything the original could do, but it was much easier to reach all buttons. The Xbox360 controller is just an evolution of the Controller "S", and I do agree that it is the best controller yet.
They also managed to squeeze more buttons onto a controller than ever before without having any awkward button placement.

kewlkat0074795d ago (Edited 4795d ago )

I loves the

GENESIS - 6-button pad(was great for arcade fighting games..)

SNES - 6-button with TRIGGERS( I loved that pad

DREAMCAST - now that was a great all around Controller.

PS Dual Shock - is good for fighting games but thats it, the analogs are uncomfortable with FPS games and such.

XBOX360- is the best all around for my taste(same as the DREAMCAST IMO), well the D-pad is not so great for fighting games tho. I give that node to Dual Shock.

BELOW:Mi5t4k3 - What was so wrong with th Dreamcast Controller. I think the Xbox360's controller was modeled after it, look at the positions of the buttons and such. I doubt you even had a dreamcast.

I love the 360 controller tho...fits the hands great Ergonomically. Look at the Dreamcast Controller MS literally used opposite colors on the buttons(LITERALLY)

Premonition4795d ago

I cant believe you even said Dreamcast, that thing was probably one of the worse made controllers in history, it was so big and the wires got in the way. And the button layout wasnt all that great.

tplarkin74795d ago

The Atari 2600 is important since it was the first successful console in which the controller was key. It had to appeal to a public that never played video games, and it succeeded.

I agree that the Dreamcast should be on that list. It was very important since it led to the Xbox and 360 design.

TrenchaunT4795d ago

Ridiculous, for the most part; it's based on nostalgia, not on how good the controller actually is. I hated the N64 controller. But I loved the gamecube controller. I don't like PS2. But I agree that 360 is the best.

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