This God of War III Box Art Is Not Final

It says so right on the recently released, still unofficially finalized box art, meaning your copy of God of War III could very well look different. Placeholder though it may be, it's both attractive and subtle.

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LordMarius3278d ago

Please No,
looks to feminine

Blaze9293278d ago

well if they follow will be Kratos staring at something in the distance:

Kratos' Face = Forbidden on Box Art

ALTHOUGH...this would be SO much more badass

danthegardner3278d ago

Technically Kratos' face isn't on that last boxart. muahahahahahahahaha

Ravage273278d ago

last boxart is incredible :)

Domenikos3278d ago

Ill put that glourios game on my ps3 so fast that...

You know, box lost day one

Lifendz3278d ago

Maybe have Kratos' back to us, with a slew of enemies bearing down on him and maybe a hint that all this is taking place on a Titan's back?

Or this is good. Either way it's a purchase for me.

dragunrising3278d ago

Personally, I like the new box art. It strikes me as mature and serious- as in Kratos will kill you just by looking at you.

TheRedTerror3278d ago

if they keep the tradition of kratos looking off at the distance, he should be looking up at mount olympus while standind around some burning buildings or something. they an add some sweet lightning at the top of the mountain and kratos can be in some sort of pose that makes it look like he's yelling "ZEUS!"

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Jumping-Jack3278d ago

Subtle and not in your face. Highlighting the most recognizable part of Kratos. However I think for God Of War it needs to be in your face really doesn't it haha

Kain813278d ago (Edited 3278d ago )

its ok, but i would make it more darker

jhooty143278d ago

to be honest with you guys i say focuse more on game than box art though wouldbe cool for sexy box art :)

Jumping-Jack3278d ago

Now that's a bad ass looking boxart :D

topdawg1223278d ago

This should definitely be it, similar to the first two boxarts, with him looking towards something in the background. Stick to that formula, one of the best boxarts i've seen period.

danthegardner3278d ago (Edited 3278d ago )

I don't like the back though. it does fit with all of the other box arts. Showing Kratos' back and looking at something.

windmill1453278d ago

2-40 online multiplayer? That would be epic if the developers could somehow get that to work without making it feel tag on. I wonder what the fan who made this cover had in mind.

EvilCackle3278d ago (Edited 3278d ago )

The box art in the Kotaku article looks more like a teaser poster than a game box. Suppose you had never played God of War and were browsing the shelves of Gamespot - would a picture of an eye actually catch your interest or tell you anything about what the game's like? Kratos standing at the ready with weapons drawn isn't as artsy but damned if it wouldn't get your attention. The image linked here looks like it's on the right track.

Kakihara3278d ago

Yup that's it, that's exactly what it should be.

The close up eye one is too understated and subtle. You don't want subtlety with this game. You want it to look as over the top and ridiculous as the Greek Gods have always been portrayed from the oldest statues to the technicolor movies.

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