BioShock interview with new screens

Bioshock is one of 2007's most eagerly anticipated shooters and with a release date of August 24 set in stone it's not a million miles away. PC Zone recently caught up with the game's creative director and Irrational Games big cheese Ken Levine and subjected him to a quick grilling.

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closedxxx4761d ago (Edited 4761d ago )

This one sounds like it will offer a really unique and immersive experience. And who doesn't love some next-gen water effects!?

TnS4761d ago

The water is very "cool". :)

Jay da 2KBalla4761d ago

Games like this is why I bought my 360. Cant wait.

kewlkat0074761d ago

Exactly why I own a 360, regardless of all the negative spins.

I like games like this, for one thing, what I find myself doing now is, after seeing certain screens for such games, I try not to find out everything about it, I rather discover the game as I play it.

Screens are OK but it seems like MOVIE TRAILERS these days keeps setting me up for disappointments with movies and some games have been the same.

I get a taste for what its about and if I'm interested, then I go get the game or watch the movie.

id dot entity4761d ago

The new screenshots look great! Can't wait for this game. Hope it will just like System Shock.

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