Mass Effect - The First Hour

Jack Bauer and Space Zombies; that's what you can expect in the first hour of BioWare's latest RPG masterpiece Mass Effect. Co-founder and co-doctor Ray Muzyka is calling it "a next-gen BioWare game on steroids". CVG are calling it "24 in space".

The Bauer reference is particularly fitting, not just because of the break-neck speed of the game's opening action scene, but because of the emotional and heart-breaking choices you're forced to make during gameplay. Moments which Muzyka promises will truly test your conscience.

"We're really pushing the idea of emotion and sustaining that emotional impact and intensity throughout the course of the game," he says. "Mass Effect is all about making choices with consequences. We've been making choices throughout this demo and the rest of the game has a mixture of choices; small ones and big ones that affect the entire outcome."

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OC_MurphysLaw4751d ago

Every time I see or read something I get just that much more hyped for it.

Jay da 2KBalla4751d ago

This is what I bought a 360 for. Triple AAA games that cant be played anywhere else. I bet you that whatever awards halo3 doesnt get will all go to mass effect especially in terms of graphics.

kewlkat0074751d ago

I swear I'm not following ya..Ha but add this games to my list also. Can't wait till around xmas time, I might have my 50 inch 1080p set in da room.

Having to make choice is not something new to gaming, but I always wonder how does it really effect the player and the story, since most games are scripted. It's usually choice A or B, well there goes your 2 different endings per say.

Uganda644750d ago

"Triple AAA games that cant be played anywhere else."

Looks like you got the wrong machine. 90% of what little AAA it has is shared with other consoles and around 8% of the remaining games can be played on PC. That means Mass Effect, Halo 3 and Gears.

grifter0244750d ago

Cant wait for this game. Kinda sucks about all the waiting though.I'm going to get it on with a cartoon girl.. LOL

sonarus4750d ago

For a game that is coming out in september i expected to see a little more by now. I rememebr when i 1st saw the trailer for this game i was like wow this is gonna be the best game ever but now i am honestly begining to lose interest. I need 2 see newer trailers

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