Report: Price Cuts Ahoy!

Microsoft may be the first to start a price war by the end of the summer. Nollenberger Capital Partners analyst Todd Greenwald tells GameDaily BIZ that he thinks MS will slash the 360's price (all SKUs) by $50. PS3, PS2 and PSP price cuts are likely to follow. More within...

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rusgreim4217d ago

What else can I say? MS takes $50 off and continues to make money on each system, Sony takes off $100 and loses at LEAST $150.


ilovepswii604217d ago

Microsoft lose money aswell on every system sold aswell

m000b14217d ago

sad. You actaully care if there making and losing money. Jesus get out more mate.

Xi4217d ago

iluv. the 360 makes about 75 dollars on each system.

CyberSentinel4217d ago (Edited 4217d ago )

There will be no price drop for the PS3 this year, mark my words.

PS3 is the "jump-off" system.

"Jump in" to the 360 community and enjoy some quality gaming NOW, life's to short to wait.

@3: Your probably right, I don't expect a price drop either, BUT ask yourself this honestly, is the xbox360 worth $299? I think for most "Gamers", it is.

@2.1: $299 is a starting point. If you want to upgrade you have the "CHOICE" to do so. With PS3 there is NO choice.

Except the "choice" to leave it on the shelves, and many are choosing to do just that.

kamakazi4217d ago

LOL $299? yeah if you want the piece of sh!t VERSION.

BubblesDAVERAGE4217d ago

Yet I even doubt they make a price cut any where near halos realse . Although be a good strategic move . THey arent going to do it

PS360WII4217d ago

Halo 3 is coming out so why would they drop the price? Whatever people say or analysts.. Halo 3 will be a system seller. MS knows this and that would just be bad profit orientated to lower the cost before a big surge in unit sales.

cdawson4217d ago

Yes but when they drop the price that extra $50 more people will simply buy it on impulse aside from the people already buying it based on Halo 3.

Mighty Boom4217d ago

360 D O M I N A T I O N is in full effect!!!! Could this be the death blow to the PS3????

MADGameR4217d ago (Edited 4217d ago )

PS3 will still survive. Even though SONY will lose alot of money, SONY will win this war and outsell the X Box 360 by the 5th year. Rather X Box fans like it or not. After it happens, don't come with excuses saying ''Oh because its SONY this and that'' And again, I am no SONY fanboy, I am a gamer. All 3 systems are good but only 1 will be the victor. My bet is the PS3. Its only a bet, there is no siding. Any X Box fan that appoints me as a fanboy will be embarassed and bashed. I have my reasons why SONY will win. Fanboyism is pathetic being a fanboy of any of the 3 systems is rediculously stupid. In the end PC will always have the best technology and is capable of having any titles that any console has. Think about it, how the hell are games made through first? A high end PC!

omansteveo4217d ago

What are your reasons?

I personally think it will be up in the air for a while i dont see the wii keeping its appeal after the big 3 for nintendo come out this Xmas.

I see sony struggling through this xmas with the PS3 (PSP will have its best year yet)bc they dont have a Franchise big hitter for this holiday season alot of people say killzone but ts not the great game they need.

P.S. not being a jerk just really curious i like hearing intelligent takes on the out come of this whole thing.

FadeToBlack4217d ago

1. The PS3 will never be cheaper than the xbox 360.
2. The PS3 will never have more games than the 360.
3. The Next generation of the xbox will be out by the 5th year.
4. Halo 3, Mass Effect, Bioshock will put sales through the roof.
5. PS3's flagship title MGS4 won't be out untill 2008.

So please sir, tell me just how Sony will lead the market by its 5th year with such miserable sales and games available and game attach rate to date?

BIGBAER4217d ago

Sony will not overtake the Xbox 360 and "win" this generation's console war. Microsoft has laid a foundation for tight game development allowing pc and 360 versions to be developed simultaneously with little to no additional effort by the developers.

It's the very fact that the 360 and pc games share so much that just abaout guarantees the 360's success. It is the 360, not the PS3 that will pull ahead with sheer volume of quality games. We are seeing evidence of this already.

Microsoft came well equipped to this party.

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