Modern Warfare 2 meets Crysis: Infamy Trailer-Remake

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Infamy Trailer Remake, that based on CryEngine 2.

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tillus863281d ago

thats really some boring sh!t! And please bring us a Super Mario Galaxy Infamy Trailer. Please.

Pandamobile3281d ago

Wow, that was pretty awesome. We need more Crysis machinima :c

kaveti66163281d ago

That was ridiculously lame.

jmd7493281d ago

being a fan of crysis it annoyed me to see this video make crysis look really bad.
LAME!!! 0/10 (waste of internet bandwidth)

Timesplitter143281d ago

"Der Fehler, der beim übersetzten aufgetreten ist."

Is what I get.

Dark_Vendetta3281d ago

error occurred at the translation