iPhone Review: Elven Chronicles | The Portable Gamer

TPG writes: "There's nothing worse than a disappointing and average game if you ask me. I think it's seeing a game that doesn't fulfill its potential that makes it so saddening. They also tend to make the most boring games, as at least the terrible games are so awful that it's entertaining to see just how bad it can get. But dull games are just plain old dull and pointless. Unfortunately, this is the case with Elven Chronicles."

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roblef3306d ago

Isn't this a PC game, too?

roblef3306d ago

Bummer this game stinks so bad.

bgrundman3306d ago

RPG doesn't stand for reaking pile of garbage... at least not normally, right?

bgrundman3306d ago

This looks like an interesting idea with just poor execution.. sounds like a typical iPhone game!

wondroushippo3306d ago

RPGs are the one genre where you need to go big or go home.