Halo 3: Jack Thompson Responds

Yesterday checked some facts regarding an email sent to Microsoft regarding Halo 3. The email was sent by Florida lawyer, John Bruce Thompson. The email contained the statement: "The Beta (of Halo 3) version that was released last week shows us all just how violent the game is and how inappropriate it is for play by anyone under 17."

Spong asked the following questions by email:

1) When did you play the Halo 3 Beta? I'd like to check for factual purposes.

2) What's your gamertag? Again, a fact check.

As ever, the lawyer responded. As ever, the responses were fact free. Here they are, in order:

"Your query is relevant to absolutely nothing."

In short, it is still unclear if the lawyer has played the game that he's basing a campaign on. What's as concerning is that a legal professional can state that evidence is irrelevant.

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PhinneousD4751d ago

someone needs to snap this crazy cracka!

DeadlyFire4751d ago

LOL you expect to see Jack Thompson play a videogame. They are evil Sins from Hell according to JT. He will never touch one in his lifetime.

Can't wait for MS to counter-sue JT for wasting their time and take everything he has including his license to practice law and toy with the media.

In my opinion Halo 3 is a game for all. The game isn't violent anymore than my TV is and that is for all no matter what the little boxes in the corners say. Suck on that JT.

FCOLitsjustagame4751d ago

I like how he quotes Hilary so he can get around his "you are not allowed to talk about Take 2" settlement.

Premonition4751d ago

The game industry as a whole needs to crush this rat, or roach, they need to all file papers against him stating he may not judge anything dealing with games anymore, or else he will get a warning and if he continues he will be put in jail.

gta_cb4750d ago

agreed. i hate this guy

sumfood4u4751d ago

He oviously hasn't played a Videogame with His Arteritis Hands! But he Opens his Gonorrhea Infested Mouth & Talks Trash about Halo3, GTA, all Videogames like he's Judge Judy! 3 words for Jack Thompson= Go~To~Hell! Take this Picture with U!

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The story is too old to be commented.