Digital Chumps: Magnacarta 2 Review

Digital Chumps writes: "MC2 begins with an incredibly textbook (I may use that word several times in this article, fyi) opening cutscene with all of the JRPG cliches and poppy music that you could hope for. That's not to say it's bad, it's just so typical that I almost found it comical, but hey, I wasn't concerned at all for what lay ahead in the actual gameplay.

The game begins on Highwind Island, and finds our "hero," Juto, asleep in the village. Juto suffers from amnesia and very little is known about him. Melissa, the leader of the local Guard, finds Juto and urges him to quit slacking. She's a friend of Juto's and his been teaching him sword fighting in their spare time, but time is short as of late. The island is on edge as a civil war between the Northern and Southern Forces rages on. The civil war was sparked by Schuenzeit, a prime minister of Lanzheim who killed the queen and took her throne."

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