Another Assassin's Creed video interview

GamesRadar, in a room, with producer Jade Raymond. This you have to see...

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PhinneousD4577d ago

this is like your 100th interview and i still don't get bored listening to you talk.

sajj3164577d ago

there is nothing sexier than you talking about games ;) ... yes, I know thats a stretch (there are sexier things) .. but you know what I mean. Nothing like a good looking woman talking about things people on this site enjoy the most.

sumfood4u4577d ago

Jade Raymond <3 <3 <3 Is missing my last name & something else hehehe!

pmx4577d ago

My girl doesn't like games at all, i think you are complete at all

Crazyglues4577d ago

I can just see her husband/boyfriend now, the luckiest guy on the planet. I mean seriously.

Dude! not only does your girl play video games, she's the producer of one of the hottest games to come out ever. Oh and did I forget to mention she is fine as hell... jesus how lucky are you.

I mean seriously she is stunning.. she could be a supermodel, And she plays video games.

Anytime you can turn to your girl and say "baby let's stay up late and finish playing Heavenly Sword" and she says sure, You live in heaven, and don't you dare ever forget it.

Sean142334577d ago

You are so right, she is the dream wife

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