Infinity Ward Confirms Modern Warfare 2 Third Person Gameplay

Ripten: "We reported a rumor regarding the possibility of third person gameplay in Infinity Ward's upcoming shooter Modern Warfare 2 less than an hour ago. The main supporting elements at that time consisted of supposed leaked in game video and a screen capture of what appeared to be a game mode selection screen.

In addition to the above, we'd like to now add a promotional email from G4TV's X-Play to the mix, and ultimately a confirmation from Infinity Ward community manager, Robert Bowling, that seals the deal."

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tripewire3282d ago

Good. Now lets run a comparison between the PS3 and 360 versions.

Next to Uncharted 2.


LordMarius3282d ago

Yes, more variety is always welcome

now I might consider purchasing it

Jamegohanssj53282d ago

Bubbles Marius as I'm on the same page as you; however, I would only pick it up if I could find it for aboot 10-20 bucks.


Carl14123282d ago

Who really gives a crap?

bruddahmanmatt3282d ago

This is not a slow, tactical shooter that emphasizes planning and teamwork. It's a twitch run & gun shooter where one guy with enough skill (aka lag) can carry a team of 5 n00bs if he's good (lags) enough.

When you design a shooter, you have to take the perspective into account. TPSs allow players to see around corners without peeking out from behind cover. Therefore small maps with lots of narrow alleys and right angles designed for a first person perspective will inevitably end up being a camper's dream in third person. n00bs will hang back and wait for players on the offensive to turn down an alley, pop out to shoot and then go back into hiding.

Good job IW. It's nice to know that while you were busying effing the PC gamers over by not including dedicated servers you decided to add a pointless mode while you were at it. IWFAIL.

BulletToothtony3282d ago

it's crazy so little people fail to realize that.. i know this is gonna be a freaking camping fest..

with some luck (which i don't think we gonna have) they may not let the camera do that, if you're hiding behind a corner or behind a box but i highly doubt it..

yet another reason to not pick this game on day one.. they're digging themselves a hole without a doubt..

cyberwaffles3282d ago

i agree, the third person view is interesting. right now uncharted 2 is my favorite 3rd person online shooter but i hate how you can't lay down or crouch. not only that, i love military aesthetics over the casual clothing that drake and his friends wear.

the third person view might be a great thing.

Xbox Avatars Shoe3282d ago

What's the point of sites and scopes for your gun? Everyone will just run around with a silencer and grenade launcher.

SixZeroFour3282d ago

agreed...whats was the whole point of adding all those new scopes and attachments when you wont need it for third person...and first person will now be at a disadvantage for the lack of view compared to third person 180+ degree view

i dont think any online multiplayer shooter game should have both first and third person views as an option, unless they have their own matchmaking separate from the other

Blaze9293282d ago (Edited 3282d ago )

Ahhh yes...the noobtube gun.

Sm0k3y_Bac0n3282d ago

besides the option can be toggled

ambientFLIER3282d ago

You guys are braindead. It's an OPTION for private matches. That means it's just for you and your friends to mess around with. READ THE ARTICLE BEFORE COMMENTING NEXT TIME!

rockleex3281d ago

Will we finally be able to customize our classes with ALL the weapons, ALL the attachments, ALL the colors, and ALL the perks available in 4 player splitscreen mode?

Will we finally be able to do 4 player splitscreen WLAN battles?

badz1493281d ago

from what you've said...I think you should just go and buy SOCOM Confrontation! it suits everything you've said.

frostypants3281d ago

If it is indeed for private matches only, that is fine by me.

This mode is a total nerfing of the expanding the field of vision people will be less susceptible to ambush, back-stabs, etc. From the perspective of maintaining CoD gameplay characteristics, it's a horrible idea, but again if it's limited to a private match gimmick setting, then I'm ok with it.

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greeneggsnsam3282d ago

I wonder if Infinity Ward wanted to put this in, or if Activion forced them into it so that it would sell to the Gears and Uncharted fans.

Sandwich Bender3282d ago

Either way, I don't think I like it much.

Fishy Fingers3282d ago

I extremely doubt Activision would have any say on what IW should or shouldn't do. I also extremely doubt it had anything to do with Gears or Uncharted. Why would it? COD doesn't exactly need to steal fans away from other games.

Adding 3rd person perspective is very simple for them, it's another tick in a feature box and they probably just thought, "why not?".

Nostradavis3282d ago


What is there not to like? You can toggle it off if you like and it seems like its only applicable to the games private matches.

chewmandinga3282d ago

seems like a cool idea, although what i remember from the 3rd person killcam in cod4, it's gonna look very awkward and robotic if they haven't changed it much

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Fishy Fingers3282d ago

Cool, something I'll certainly avoid. FPS all the way for me.

bujasem_893282d ago (Edited 3282d ago )

bummer i didnt want that removing co-op ?? 3d person whats next is it going to be transformed to a puzzle game???

Nostradavis3282d ago

how does it remove co-op?

bujasem_893282d ago

it was confirmed that since WAW had to remove some of the chapter cause they couldn't be done in co-op like the sniper and the plane once that they will be removing it all together from the main single player in MW2 and do some sort of separate mode for the co-op alone . something like that

Killzonegamer843282d ago

"Oh Hell Yea" thats what im talking about! I hope its for multiplayer as well, i always think to myself how awesome it would be to play it in 3rd person socom style. I like Third person a lot more than FPS

Fishy Fingers3282d ago (Edited 3282d ago )

It is included in MP, but it will be a "server" requirement, basically, the server/game will be FPS or 3rd person. No mixed matches.

The 3rd person players would get massacred otherwise.

Blaster_Master3282d ago

Why? Is it because you think its better to see people when they cant see you? I think third person views suck because it takes the immersion out of a game. Especially when people are camping and you cant see them but they can see you . Its cheating.

MariSeaNerHawk3282d ago

it only effects private matches, so ranked normal matches will be no different. but this could lead to treyarch making a completely 3rd person version next year...

whothedog3282d ago

Hopefully they use the same engine again with no upgrades.

frostypants3281d ago (Edited 3281d ago )

I never thought I'd see the day that people would PREFER 3rd person to 1st person. Back in the NES days, people always imagined how cool it would be to play an action game from a true 1st person perspective. Now we've come full circle. Nothing wrong with it, but I find it amusing...

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