Warhawk beta released to little fanfare, possible release date inside

The big PlayStation 3 news is the 1.80 update to the firmware; with 720p support for Blu-ray movies finally added. There have been other additions to the PlayStation Store as well, but it's hard to get excited about a $5 version of Joust when we're all busy playing upscaled PS2 games and fiddling with the content streaming. The invitations for the Warhawk beta have also gone out, with the Internet filled with the disappointed look of the masses who didn't get in-an exclusive club I'm an unfortunately part of. From the press release:

The public beta for the highly-anticipated Warhawk also launches this week for users who received an invitation and have registered to participate. This long-awaited remake to the PlayStation® hit takes flight on PS3 system, as players will experience a true full-scale war in an intense online multiplayer arena.

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novaIS3504750d ago

So what part of this is supposed to be news?

Systematrix4750d ago

It's not news, it's an article.

JIN KAZAMA4750d ago

propoganda. I've heard nothing but sweetness from the people that have been playing that game. And this guy is just a waste.

novaIS3504750d ago

This site is called NEWS 4 gamers, isn't it? All I see is an article quoting a forum post from someone who obviously has not played the beta. I am currently playing the beta and with only a few maps...I can say this game is the shizzle and a bucket of bon bons. PSN ID:novaIS350 if you wanna check me.

EastCoastSB4750d ago

The part about lock ups is true, it's happened to me several times. Despite this, it's still a very fun game.

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