Dead Space Only 19.99 on XBL Games on Demand Starting Tomorrow

It's almost Halloween and EA wants to help gamers get in the spirit. Starting tomorrow EA's Dead Space will be available for only 19.99 on the XBL service Games on Demand. Take control of Isaac Clarke and see if you can solve what exactly is going on in the space station. Games on Demand allow you to buy full games and download them right to your Hard Drive. Dead Space is a perfect game for this week and at 19.99 it's a good deal.

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chaosatom3281d ago

Don't miss out and don't let the horror genre scare you away!

It's a really good game and excels at gameplay.

Ace Killa 083280d ago

agree, this is truly a horror game unlike any other, you will play this game and get scared, and enjoy it in the end

Hellsvacancy3280d ago

19.99, thats wot i paid 8 months ago(brand new)

Its a SICK game shouldnt b missed, but if u looked youll b able 2 find a much cheaper copy

Venomish3280d ago

it is already less than 19.99 in Amazon

dragunrising3280d ago

I originally bought Dead Space on PS3 and got a 100%. I sold it a while ago and wish I hadn't done so...This is the first Games on Demand title I'm interested in and feel is worth it.

I'm very impressed with EA and their Games on Demand pricing. Correct me if I'm wrong but they don't have a single game priced above $20. This is how it should be (less would be even better).

Dead Space is one of the best games of this gen. The story, characters, suspense. Everything combines into an amazing experience you want to play again and again. More than likely I'll be picking up Dead Space: Extraction. I rented it a couple of weekends ago and was thoroughly impressed. Buy it. If we don't support the franchise we might not see a sequel! :-p

Mr_Bun3280d ago

Sure, it seems like a good deal...until you factor in the price of a new pair of pants you'll have to buy after soiling yourself

crck3280d ago

Like others have said save yourself the ridiculously expense 360 hard drive space and buy the disc at Amazon or anywhere else for $20.

Christopher3280d ago

Yeah, paid $19 for it on BD months ago. If you can, I'd suggest getting it on a disk rather than digital.

HolyOrangeCows3280d ago

It'll be a great game to get for Halloween :)

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theEnemy3280d ago

And so as in

Plus you get to have a physical copy of the game for your shelf. ;)

Cueil3280d ago

But your copy on Xbox Live will never break... though imagine if your friend was a jerk and got you banned from Live... >_< I guess that would be a problem

theEnemy3280d ago

both have pros and cons I guess. ;)

Jamescagney3280d ago

Regardless of method, this game is worth getting if you haven't played it yet. Fantastic game.

Limited_Vertigo3280d ago

It's 50 cents cheaper on Amazon with no sales tax and free shipping.

DARK WITNESS3280d ago (Edited 3280d ago )

my game of the year 2007 and still my favorite new IP this gen...

The story
art style,
some of the little gameplay features like, not having a proper hud, ammo counter on the guns, no real cut-scene they just play out ingame and on your hud which pops out from your suit, all while you are in the game and can move, be attacked.. it just never takes you out of the experience.

Oh and not to mention some of the best weapons in a game and by far the best way point direction system ( no stupid flashing arrows or any of that crap...) everything feels consistent with the art style, theme etc.

I think I am going to have to play this again soon ! just talking about it makes me want to shoot off limbs.

oh and did i mention, it's worth every penny ! I would still pay £40 for this game if i didn't already own it. totally underrated game.

Limited_Vertigo3280d ago

I agree on all your points. I'm looking forward to the sequel. I played through it several times and just like you I'm going to give it another play through soon, after all it is Halloween. This game reminded me of the movie Event Horizon. The entire experience left me thinking of so many things long after the game was over.


Ya I was the same.

It's one of the few games that I have finished more the twice. I could go on all day about why I love this game...

but all I will say is, I love it !

I just found it sad that not as many people appreciated the game as it deserved. If it was exclusive it would have been raved about big time !

it's not a game for everyone though. I still think it's also one of the best looking games this gen. the lighting, textures top quality.
no bugs, no glitches, no day one patch... infact, no patches at all.

top quality.

GordyNYC3280d ago (Edited 3280d ago )

And it's great on the PS3 as well. Played it on the PS3 recently and was amazed by how well crafted the game mechanics were. Plus the amazing sound design and 'Event Horizon' style art design were extremely unnerving and fun. It's the same price in all retailers.

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