Disappointing new Tenchu Z screens

Four years ago these new screens of Tenchu Z would have been jaw-dropping, but the ultra-detailed, high-resolution textures, bump mapping and dynamic HDR lighting featuring in games today means Tenchu Z is looking dated before it's even out.

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PS360WII4577d ago

Well this series is know for not doing anything new to it.

Seraphim4576d ago

got that right...

Need I mention that Stealth Assassins (the original on PS) was awesome, Tenchu 2 blew... and it wasn't until Wrath of Heaven that they developed another notably decent Tenchu. But even that wasn't really all that good, and it certainly wasn't an improvement in any way shape or form other than the graphics were ok.....

lil bush4577d ago

i always like the gameplay, but honestly were's the graphics on this one, i dont want it to be the best, but i still like to look at a nice looking game........

closedxxx4577d ago

The stealth, and killing style, along with the weapon and grappling hook made this series fun for me. I really enjoyed the last game on the XBOX, and even if this one doesn't have eye popping visuals, I'll rent it and destroy it.

PhinneousD4577d ago

played the japanese demo of this on xbl... sooo awful.
tenchu games always had weak graphics.

uHuRu4577d ago

after Tenchu 2 on PS1, the series has been nothing but crap. its stale now. either they totally re-invent the game or let the series totally die.

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The story is too old to be commented.