New Final Fantasy CC: CB Wii trailer

Square Enix has released a new trailer for Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Crystal Bearers for Wii.

"Since its introduction for Nintendo GameCube® in 2003 as an all-new take on FINAL FANTASY, CRYSTAL CHRONICLES has been well received," said Akitoshi Kawazu, Director, Square Enix. "Today, we are proud to present the latest titles in this franchise for the Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS."

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PS360WII4584d ago

Looking good. What they showed of in-game(very little but) seems that they are going for fast pace and all. Should be a fun title.

Hanseo4584d ago

FF XII for PS2 looks better

texism4584d ago

why do you have to be such a piss faced douche?

PS360WII4584d ago

FFXII is a nice looking game but really not better than this. FFCC seems a bit more polished on the lines of the people and enemies so I'm not sure where this dude is coming from.

Best to ignore hanseo he's just a hater

texism4584d ago

Sweet! real time, not turn based.will buy this 4sho

PhinneousD4583d ago

looks more faster action based than the gc's crystal chronicles. i agree it looks more polished than xii, and i do prefer real time over turn based in the case of ff.

ChickeyCantor4583d ago

this looks sure going to get this

anthonsh4583d ago

Wow, this is the most excited I've been about a game... Probably ever. I had a great time with the first version (I was lucky to have friends with GBAs) and I'm so glad that they're being sensible and splitting the features in the first game into two awesome games.

In other words, I agree 100%, this is looking like a must buy for Wii people.