DualShockers Review: Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars (PSP)

DualShockers writes:

"During the past couple of years Rockstar Games, have seen their fair share of successes on the Sony's little portable that could. With Vice City Stories, and Liberty City Stories before it, the development team at Rockstar North we're able to really gain serious experience while working with the handheld. Fast forward to 2009 and it's another team's turn in continuing what Rockstar North started as Rockstar Leeds, leads (pun intended) the way in the next title in the franchise - Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars."

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BROOKLYN N-M-E4476d ago

"a proverb from my childhood"

this dude is hilarious!

taz80804476d ago

Surprised to see it translate so well form the DS to PSP

BROOKLYN N-M-E4476d ago

maybe i do have to pick this up after all, thought it would be a crappy port from the NDS Version! I thought wrong!

taz80804476d ago

Rockstar loves its GTA franchise. WOnder what the next franchise will be and if they try to make it exclusive to one console agian?

Chadness4476d ago

Not a big GTA fan myself. =/

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