More Left 4 Dead 2 PS3 Rumors

ConnectedConsoles: I'm sorry to notify you about this, I'm just as fed up as you are over the whole Left 4 Dead 2 PS3 fuss, but once again the game has been listed for the PlayStation 3 at This time however, there's a twist. The listing states that the game is coming soon, but not yet in production.

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scruffy_bear3279d ago

CG: Will we end up seeing Left 4 Dead 2 on the PS3? And if not, why not?

CF: Right now we think the 360 and PC offer the best community features for Left 4 Dead 2. Through Xbox Live or Steam gamers can easily connect and play, and playing with your friends is what Left 4 Dead 2 is all about.

Alcohog3279d ago

Stick to the Steam version people, you'll be doing yourself a favor.

davekaos3279d ago

hope they do come to the ps3, really enjoyed left 4 dead on pc via steam

StanLee3279d ago

If it is, Valve has clearly stated, they're not making it.

ThanatosDMC3279d ago

I wonder if it's possible to "copy and paste" maps from L4D2 to L4D...

StanLee3279d ago (Edited 3279d ago )

This is getting ridiculous now. I find it surprising how indulgent fanboys are. How many of you are still waiting for Left 4 Dead on the PS3 which was listed on last year? I mean come on, listing an item not in production? They may as well list Halo 5 for the PS3. Gabe Newell himself has said Valve isn't working on anything for the PS3. How more definitive does he have to be?

Edit @ Lt._Skittles

Why list a product not in production? Play should also list Agent for XBox 360 as well shouldn't they? Even if Valve partners with EA to bring Left 4 Dead 2 to the PS3, you would assume they would have taken steps to bring the first now wouldn't you?

Edit @ The Wood

Yeah, the MGS4 to XBox 360 rumor mongering was annoying. Even more annoying than these actually. And Left 4 Dead isn't an experience for everyone but it was consistently in the top 10 of most played games on XBL. It's hard to crack the top 5 when you have juggernauts like Halo 3, COD4, World at War, Gears of War 2 and GTAIV.

LtSkittles3279d ago

Just, because Valve said they weren't working on it doesn't mean a third party isn't. I'm sure Valve would be paid for ip, and could work something out maybe with EA since they are getting better at multiplat games. Like I said about Mass Effect "If it comes yay, and if it doesn't oh well."

The Wood3279d ago

if this is pissin u off then the MGS4 to xbox rumours must of made you wanna slit your wrist. For me l4d is really not that great of a game past the 1st week or so. To be fair killzone 2 didnt last more than a month for me so please dont think im just baggin for baggins sake. Your own xbl numbers kinda agree with what im saying

Foliage3279d ago

It can't come to the PS3 without the original. It's kind of hard to play DLC without a game.

Beast_Master3279d ago

Why doesn't Sony just create their own version of L4D? Is this an original idea? Oh wait they did create L4D..Resistance 2 co-op..Just expand the Resistance co-op into a full game, call it something new and 'bam there it is!'

slayorofgods3279d ago

3rd parties making games for a single platform is like an endangered species. In this day and age if a company isn't talented enough to double their income by figuring out two different consoles, then they are still a minor league company and probably will eventually get absorbed by a bigger company that is more capable of doing this.

Making L4D2 on the PS3 is a pretty simple smart business choice if you are Valve.

cRaZyLeGs 933279d ago

Doesn't deserve to go on PS3 after they bashed it so much. They can get it on PC, where it belongs. That saying I have the 360 version.

sikbeta3279d ago

For all the Valve fanboys because is exclusive for xbox

You do know Valve develop the games and EA can publish it by making a port, right?

If is not already happen, is because of some deal with M$, EA and Valve, but EA goes for the money, well, BAM there it is! ---> the explanation

bruddahmanmatt3279d ago

Are other PS3 gamers out there really that hard up for the L4D franchise? I know I'm not. Perhaps it's just the fact that there are so many superior First, Second and Third party shooters available on the PS3, but I've never thought that L4D was THAT good. I can honestly say that I'd be excited if Alan Wake, SC: Conviction or even ME2 were to make it to the PS3...but L4D? Heck I'd take Halo over L4D.

Pandamobile3279d ago

Valve has to consent to the port though. After what EA did to the Orange Box on PS3, I doubt Gabe will let that happen.

cyberwaffles3279d ago

personally i don't care. left 4 dead was more of a rental to me than anything else. i still think l4d should've passed off as an xbl arcade game for 40 bucks or so.

Pandamobile3279d ago

Find some friends that play it. Me any my friends play it about 3 times a week. For the $45 I spent on it when it first released, I sure got my money's worth.

Lykon3278d ago

if your able to post to this forum , you will be able to play left for dead , full detail on your pc, it even runs on the 360 if you have one that still works.

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Alcon Caper3279d ago

Why has MS been so quiet lately? They usually have big news to look forward to but the last couple of months have been completely silent...

I know they have something up their sleeve, but I'm getting impatient.

Meanwhile, Sony seems to be getting the upper hand with UC2 and Netflix streaming... I wonder when MS will hit back?

LtSkittles3279d ago

I would rather see L4D first, and then L4D 2 on the PS3. I love me some Zombies. I would like to see what happens in the first game even though I know the game is built around playing with other people.

mastiffchild3279d ago

What happens? Nothing happens really and the mods and PC community are easily the greatest long term thing about L4D(and also why with L4D2 still having no real SP mode doesn't excite me that much over what's already available through the PC L4D community-some new enenies and players skins? When you can get a million mods for new places what's the big deal worth full retail price?)so unless a PS3 L4D(2) followed UT3 example and allowed the majority of what's available on PC I don't see the point.

I doubt Valve would show MS and their console support up by allowing that and as the console version just isn't the same game without the PC stuff a PS3 version of either game without it would be a pretty poor relation-and even poorer than the 360 ones as you'd have had to wait for a sub PC featured game at full cost!

As for needing L4D1, however, you wouldn't as there's no great story there or understanding to be gained from the (I can only call it a training mode really)"SP campaign" in any way at all. It's JUST about shooting zombies with your mates(or being zombies etc)and as such, to me at least(and esp on 360 with no mod support and inferior official support to PC AND having to pony up for Live to boot)it's an online only hame with little out of the box content and should be priced accordingly-like Warhawk was perhaps? At least it should if you don't get PC extras as I bought my L4D PC through Steam like many did at half price over one of Valves weekend deals. So, again as this will happen with number two as well,the 360 version is dearer, less good looking, no mouse support, less Vavle support and no mod support. If any PS3 version followed the 360 version in terms of content I'd leave well alone as it's less than half the game it is on PC and for, esp when you know you'll get a cheap weekend deal soon enough on steam, sometimes twice the cost!

I just cannot recommend it even to console gamers without a gaming/good enough PC as it's just so inferior to what you get on PC and isn't priced accordingly but is priced like a game with real SP and FULL online support and, being honest, on console, so far, it hasn't been that. £45/$60 bucks for a criminally dumbed down/sparsely filled package with little to no support? Not this time round(got both last time to play with some mates on Live and sold 360 version after realising I'd been had)unless they release a version on PS3 or 360 with something like the full set of options that PC gamers get The convenience of console gaming is worth something but comes nowhere near making up for the shortfall with L4D to me and many, many others who played both versions.

Be careful what you wish for but if they did a PS version in a similar vein to what they did for UT3 then maybe-but I can't see Valve allowing Sony customers and better deal than MS ones got on 360 even if most problems are caused by their download limits and not liking much free DLC at all! That would be like Gabe siding WITH Sony;)

So L4D2 on PC? Yes!And get a deal after the inevitable free trial weekends on Steam too!On 360? If the support is as crap as last time and the price as inflexably high? Not something I'd advise unless you're really a desperate fan of the games and can't afford a PC to run the game(which, face it, is NOT a dear PC to own!)OR have money to burn. Literally. And if you already own the 360 L4D? No again as it's not much different, imo, from the first and therefore represents even worse value-even if 360 gamers are desperate for a few different skins and backgrounds by now! Really, L4D is a great PC game with a great community of modders AND gamers and it's just a good but very poor value 360 online shooter.

Maybe I'm being harsh as I had the PC game first but I just can't get over the fact that, even at full price on PC, 360 gamers pay a lot more for a lot less(mods, support for community) and what they do get neither looks nor plays as well even if it IS still a class act is it really a full enough package to warrant that full retail price tag-and that's without thinking whether they even SHOULG be releasing a sequel so soon with little chance of improving the tech of it at all.

Can't see a PS3 version, mind, as without the PC stuff you're paying more than PC fo less AND getting into it late! Also, I see no way of Valve offering a better service to PS3 gamers than MS has allowed on 360 and if they didn't ould it be wiorth it with so many other games out or coming soon that will give full features and be better value. Toy'd ve, like on 360, paying full for an online only game that without PC add ons is a short lived rush as opposed to a longer term lazer guided wonder which it is on PC.

Sorry for moaning on but I REALLY felt a little conned(and I never felt like Valve had conned me before-not personally)after getting the 360 game and finding the pitfalls so deep and joy killing. I duppose if you only ever played the 360 version and closed your eyes and ears to the PC fun on offer you could justify it better as it's still a quality laugh with mates. Thing is I just can't se it as anything other than an overpriced and VERY poor relation-and a such just a way of milking 360 gamers. Well, that's how I feel about my experiences with both versions.

Dead_Cell3279d ago

Well it doesn't but I've always wanted an excuse to say that.