New IPs from Insomniac on the way

Insomniac Games has said that it "would be silly" to think that Resistance would be the developer's last new IP, revealing that the Burbank-based studio will be developing new IPs "at some point in the future".

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hay3277d ago

Yeah, can't wait to see something new from them. Resistance is great and R&C is pure fun.

WhittO3277d ago

Thats great but i really hope they are working on Resistance 3!

Id like to see where they take the series and how they fix some of the mistakes in the second game (even though i still think R2 was a really great game!!)

boodybandit3277d ago

right now I am just focused on getting Ratchet & Clank:ACIT this week from Best Buy using their 3 for 2 deal. I played the R&C demo and thought it was brilliant. I love R&C games I hope Insomniac doesn't close the door on this franchise.

Xgamerzus3277d ago

I have high hopes for R3!!!
I hope that guerilla games and naughty dogg add some technological input into R3!!
Split screen 2player co-op DO iT!!!

ReviewsArePolitics3277d ago

A zelda-esque Action/Adventure RPG with tons of puzzles, dynamic real-time simulations, very cinematic non-linear storyline, and deep character personalities.

Xbox Avatars Shoe3277d ago

Duh! What, did people expect them to make Resistance 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8? Of course they're going to eventually make new IPs.

badz1493276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )

and make Resistance 3 the best Resistance ever and then move to a new franchise! I hope they'll NOT come out with Resistance Wars or Resistance ODST or Resistance Reach after finishing the fight in R3 because that is just stupid!

Insomniac is among the best dev out there and even R:FOM was a surprised from them considering their existing game at that time were the like of Spyro and R&C! I hated FPS before but I got R:FOM when I knew it is Insomniac's and boy did I really GLAD I did that! that game has me hooked to FPS until today and although I'm not an expert in FPS, still it opened a new page in my gaming genre!

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Sevir043277d ago (Edited 3277d ago )

the Company is hot at work on 2 new games from it's Burbank Studio and 1 from it's North Carolina studio's.... I've seen only one of the 3 games in development from them, and that was all thanks to Insomniac Community Day 2009 a few days ago... goodness i love these guys.

Ted and the Insomniacs Rock. Cant wait for the reveal of the other games. and whats more is that they are all PS3 exclusive. ^^

blusoops3277d ago

Could u please tell us whAt u saw? Was it a shooter platformer rpg or anything along those lines? Grfx on par with ratchet or resistance?

Sevir043277d ago (Edited 3277d ago )

I will say though that this Game, rivals KZ2 in Graphics. There engine has really matured. everyone who saw it couldn't believe that there engine had grown that much better. it looks amazing. ^^ thats all i can say. very epic.

@ArtGamer>>>>> >>>>>>>> ;>

I'd Love to but I cant... but if you dont believe me however then maybe this will below is a link that talks about all the things that happend at insomniac Community day. i took plentuy of Photos as well. check it out.

artgamer3277d ago

haha, are you serious guy ?

Surely you can talk about the genre without breaking your NDA, besides, its the internet, no one knows your true identity.

I'm hoping its NOT an FPS.

WhittO3277d ago (Edited 3277d ago )

Thats the main problem i had with Resistance 2, the first looked great, the second - not so much, it had really great moments like the Leviathan, but some effects looked a little cheap (Hales Uniform for example, especially when compared to Drakes on Uncharted).

If its true the game rivals K2 graphics, then im sure the rest of the game will follow suit, as i always thought if R2 was put into the K2 engine and had more cutscenes it would have been amazing.

Edit: Did you happen to take any 'casual' photos that happen to have that specific game, coincidentally in the background? lol

Kain813277d ago

called Lock and Key or something like it that???

issa30323277d ago

Hate to say it, but this Sevir guy is a jackass. I, unlike him, will tell you the truth. They showed no one what was going on behind the curtain, and instead directed our attention to the free copies of Ratchet which we all got signed by the entire dev team. Nothing was shown, no NDA forms were handed out. This guy is a piece of lying trash.

They definitely are working on some stuff tho, as most of the office had been cordoned off since the last time I had been there for the prior Community Day in 2008.

WhittO3277d ago

Come to think of it, it seems a little unlikely they would get their guests to sign NDAs lol, dont think they would quite trust them not to say anything. Especially if it was a new IP, lol doubt they would risk someone spoiling how they want to announce it etc.

Sevir043277d ago (Edited 3277d ago )

and right after you signed the paper, which you were instructed to read, they then placed the Playstation ristband on your hand and validated your parking ticket... as for lying i've got my little blog with me that has all what was described. maybe you were one of the unlucky ones that left just before the auction. anywho. here's the link and sorry you were the unlucky one who left early ^^

alphakennybody3277d ago

A wise man said once "I believe it because it's absurd" Sevir seems legit to me

bruddahmanmatt3277d ago (Edited 3277d ago )

I'm sorry to have to be the one to say this to you folks but sevir04 is full of crap. Yes it is true that we had to sign NDAs. However, the reason issa3032 stated that we didn't have to sign one is because he was probably one of the guys at the back of the line or one of the folks who showed up late after the panel. I overheard some of the Insomniac staff talking about how they ran out of NDAs and a bunch of people had just showed up and they were discussing what to do with them. Insomniac stated that they would only be allowing 120 people into the event but they ended up allowing around 160-170 from what I saw.

My friend and I were two of the last to leave as I was havin' a ball jammin' some R&C. We left about 20 minutes after they awarded the final PS3 slim to the winner of the "My Blaster Runs Hot" competition. They did NOT show off any new IPs or disclose any secret projects to the people who stayed behind. They were very tight lipped as far as their future projects were concerned. Ted Price even gave a "no comment" when someone asked if there would be a R&C collection released for the PS3 a la the God of War Collection.

My thing is this. Yes we signed NDAs. However if you're going to use that as the reason that you can't divulge any information, then keep your mouth shut instead of teasing people for attention as it's a very lame thing to do. If you're going to abide by the NDA then abide by the NDA and don't say ANYTHING at all.

arakouftaian3277d ago

and trolling very hard in it
that guy is a j/k
please n4gamers ban this guy from here please
he is just a troll if you don't belive me go and check

on topic.

im glad the next isomiac games will mach kz2 :)

drdistracto7073276d ago

he's proven already that he attended the event, and I find it hard to believe they would ask people to sign an NDA without reason, so something big must of happened either way for those who stayed.

If what your saying about the graphics being comparable to KZ2, then I'm incredibly happy, KZ2 is an amazingly good looking game (right below UC2, which may be overthrown itself by KZ3, heavy rain, or GOW III)

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Gandalf3277d ago

Not surprising. They put out a new great IP every gen.

knightdarkbox3277d ago (Edited 3277d ago )

Gears 2 is better than Resistance.. Even though the maps are bigger and more people can play online in gears 2. Gears is much more fun for multiplayer and better graphics

Insomniac devs: noobs in games of fps

artgamer3277d ago

No offense Darkbox but Uncharted 2 is better than Xbox 360.

PlayStation X3277d ago

why are you comparing a tps to a fps??

halo not good enough??

stb3277d ago

On knight guy, you are the only one left here regarding to cr-a-pbox we talk, and you dare to compare it jaja, ok and then uncharted 2 is better than the whole microsht corporation lol.

CryWolf3277d ago (Edited 3277d ago )

I feel sorry for you that you don't know a good game from you ass Gear of War is not that good of a game, now Resistance & Resistance 2 is a better game a bigger then gears and have alot of value then gears ever did plus Resistance have real HD do gears have any High-definition HELL NO! at lease Resistance 2 is using the full power of the PS3 hardware and not even Gear of War is doing that.

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InLaLaLand3277d ago

Insomniac are going to lay the smackdown just like with R&C: ACIT, that demo was beautiful just like TOD.

stb3277d ago

hate your girly way of fight in the smackdown, come on you dont even bear a simple hit in your f'uU'cky face, undertaker ftw. SO ANOTHER EXCLUSIVE, OH MY DAMN GOODY GOD.

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