CasualGamerChick - Flash Game: ACME Factory

CGC writes: "ACME Factory is a flash-based puzzle game. Players have to attempt to thwart the evil Dr Dynamo by solving puzzles . Dr. Dynamo is trying to destroy ACME Factory and every puzzle that is solved gets the player closer and closer to stopping him.

Players solve puzzles in each room of the factory. Players have to use their brains and other items around the factory to solve the puzzles. There are all types of things at the players disposal, such as magnets, cannons, fans, turntables and compression switches. Players can attain a high score by solving the puzzles in each room they enter. Puzzles don't always have to be solved, but if three puzzles in three rooms in succession are not solved, the game is over for the player and for the ACME Factory. Dr. Dynamo will be able to blow up the factory as planned."

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