148Apps Review - Dark Nebula: Episode 1

148Apps writes: "Developed by 1337 Game Design, Dark Nebula is one of those titles which you look at it, and you can almost smell the amount of work which has gone into making it what it is.

Set in a futuristic environment, the game is based on tilting a 'disc-like' ball through a maze of hazardous obstacles, in order to reach the finish point. Episode 1 in the series will bring you roughly an hours worth of gameplay.

The game consists of 10 individual levels. These include; Ascension, Speed Zone A, Leap of Faith, The Grindhouse, Kinetics, Speed Zone B, Crossfire, The Abyss, Nemesis and The Mainframe. Each of which bring different challenges for you to overcome. You are a disc like object, surrounded by a glowing neon shield. By default you start off with 3 lives. Your aim is to collect all the energy orbs you can within a level, while trying to avoid potentially hazardous situations, and all the while trying to keep your shield in tact. Collecting 100 of these energy orbs will result in you gaining another life, which could be very precious (and useful) to you in a future level.

But it won't be a clean ride, far from it! Progressing through each level you'll come across various coloured laser fields in which you have to pass through, in order to continue. To be able to do this though, you'll have to find and reach certain coloured ports scattered about. These ports will make your surrounding shield change to the corresponding color on the port. Your shield must glow the same colour as the laser field(s) in order for you to pass through. In certain levels, you may find yourself having to change colours multiple times, in order to get access to other colour ports."

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