College News reviews: Forza Motorsport 3

"Forza Motorsport 3 is an amazing game. Its gameplay is incredibly fun, the graphics are great and the social aspect of its multiplayer keeps drawing you back in for more. Even once you complete all the events in Forza 3, fully expect to waste countless hours shopping on the auction house for new cars, custom designed liveries or merely racing against other players online. It's one of the most complete racing video games on the market, and until Gran Turismo 5 comes along to up the ante, Forza 3 could very well be the best. "

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ironwolf3645d ago

Microsoft bought College News. There can be no other explanation.

Xeoset3645d ago

Need this game!

Currently enjoying Blue Dragon though. Once I've finished that bad boy and gotten all the achievements, you can be sure I'll be playing this.

After playing just the demo, you can tell these reviews do not lie.

sofocado3645d ago

I need this game too. I am on disc 3 in Blue Dragon. Pre-Order Forza 3 from amazon I still have time to finish Blue Dragon.

Xeoset3645d ago

I'm still on the first disc. Going by Lost Odyssey, I suspect Blue Dragon will keep me gripped for a good 60 hours at least =P

Sakaguchi <3