Cinema Blend Review: Borderlands

Cinema Blend: "Borderlands does little in the way of providing any sort of story, but those who care about that are missing the point; this game is not about some pretentious tale with dialogue trees, lengthy cutscenes, and dead-eyed characters delivering lines that wouldn't be up to par in the lowest of low budget films: this game is about blowing stuff up with lots and lots of guns and grinding up levels. The guns in the game are "randomly generated" which means that they're created based upon a massive variety of variables, including weapon style, fire rate, reload speed, accuracy, damage, and any of a hundred or more special properties (like regenerating ammo, exploding bullets, poison damage, etc.) that weapons in the game can possess. Weapons cannot be upgraded, a feature that sounds bad at first, but in reality works as a driving force to make players explore and experiment with tons and tons of weaponry, enriching their overall experience with the game."

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